New Official Boba Fett Details #3 Thread!!!

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Now that we are on a new server (thanks SO MUCH GUYS!!!) and I know this thread won't just randomly vanish like the last one did, I am ready to get back down to business on Fett. Our last collaborative effort, the chest display, has been a smash hit! Let's keep it going! What would you like to see us work on next? I have a long list myself but I would be interested to hear what everyone else wants... Well, that is is. Board is open. Thread is open. Fire away!!!


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Hi Braks

Id like to see work carried out on putting together

1. Details on cloth items eg. jumpsuit etc
2. Jetpack details & dimensions with fixing details.
3. Gauntlet details & dimensions.


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Natty, check out the link below for a thread on the AYW concerning th jumpsuit. It is my first attempt to gain info about the cloth parts of the costume. I will be researching this more and more as the end of the year nears as I would like to place an order with Katarra at the 1st of the year.

I am working with several people right now to get accurate gauntlets built. I am hoping to have at least a crude outline by Feb. BTW, I haven't forgotten about all of you who want casts of the Dental Expander and Calculator. I am lookign at having two different people cast them. One will be casting them in resin and the other will be looking at casting them in metal!

As far as the jetpack goes, well, I am waiting on someone to finish theirs before I invest any research into one of my own...

Boba Phett

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I would like to do gauntlets next and maybe the ESB cape. I know you have a good ROTJ cape tutorial. Using your ROTJ cape dimensions as a guideline, start an ESB cape active project. On other fronts, I have drawn up prints for the ASB-rods and gauntlet darts. These drawings have been forwarded to a source for production. Hopefully I can get the prototypes soon. I'll offer these items to interested board members.
Items I'd like to cover prioritized.
2.Capes ESB/ROTJ
Formerly, Lord of all that is Fett now-> Boba Phett

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Steve, absolutely!!! Sounds good to me! Are we ready to go with this? Go ahead and post the info if you would like. I can post pics.

Boba Fett 1138

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Hey Brack,

Nice to see most all the cool persons have made
it here to the new board.
I made my first incarnation of my Fett suit way back in 80.
So I think Im a bit of a Fett expert.
And as to the gauntlets.
I have in my colection a set of origanal gauntlets that a friend of mine in England got me . I used these in making mine.
I had to size them up to fit me because they were too small around to fit my own forearms .( Im not as thin as Jeremy B )
As to the fett cloth parts ,the ones sold by Kattara
( Kathy is a old friend of mine ),
the patterns she uses is off my cloth bits and my reaserch I gave her, as well as some modifications she and I came up with from wearing mine in real world situations.
On the helmet & back pack ,I have pics taken of a origanal set
of armor that a friend working for don post way back in 1979 took.
These pics show the inside of the helmet ,and these pics prove that the helmet WAS vac- formed , As was the chest armor
and most of the rest of the armor.

They at the time were aproched about doing a BF helmet , but they basicly said , he only has a few lines not enough to invest in spending the $$ in making a mask to sell of a guy who`s in so little of the film. LOL
If they onlk KNEW!!
so if you have any questions I might be able to anser them


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Thanks Motorfish. This is by far the most exciting news to hit the Boba Fett scene in a long time.... I have been able to think about little else all morning... This is SO exciting!!! This is the kind of thing you dream of hearing!!!


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Hi Max,

Thanks for the info - every little bit helps. I agree, I think the earlier helmets were vacuumed, but the ROTJ helmet has me stumped in a few places.
It is nice to hear another person voice this opinion.

I hope you can post those pics! In two weeks, I am going to get the dimmensions of a vacuumed helmet that one of my old college teachers "obtained" while working in the costume and prop department at ILM in the early to mid 80's.

Art Andrews

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As many of you may remember, a while back, I posted my discovery of the source for the keypad on Fett's left gauntlet. Well, I finally got a Casio MQ-1 (let me tell ya, those things are RARE!!!) but I couldn't get it apart. It has a lid that flips down over the keypad to protect the buttons when you are not using it and the lid was in the way. Well, to make a long story short, I finally figured out how to get the calc apart without breaking it and I removed the lid. I scanned the calc in this morning without the lid and discovered some shocking details that indictae the keypad on Fett's gauntlet is real, not a cast copy of the calc keypad. How do I know? Check out the 2nd pic below. Look in the two rectangular holes at the top of the keypad. See those curved pieces? There are two on the right hand side and one on the left. Those are actually pieces of the electronic board that is behind the keypad! You can clearly see them on my calc as well.

Anyway, I will hopefully be sending the calc off to be cast soon. I just need to work out a few details with the guy who is casting it. Here are a couple of pics. In the second pic the top half is the MoM keypad and the bottom half is my Casio. The strange yellow spikes on the pic of my Casio is a screw-up from the calc's reflection...


DL 44 Blaster

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Ok,here goes with the "Survival Knife project"

Braks Buddy has re-designed the DP survival knife to blueprinted exacting specs of the top of an authentic Patterson Chemical Stir Stick,and a bottom of the survival knife.Our project is to have this item machined out of 3/16" aluminum for a nice metal prop.I have contacted a local machine shop and got some prices.To keep costs at a rate that will keep this item in a range worth producing for us and the machine shop some basic work will be required of anyone who should like to get one.As it stands the cost per "survival knife" would be around $20-25 dollars plus shipping.The only work that will be required to finish off the knife would be for the scalloped edge of the blade to be cut which could easily be done with a scroll saw,jig saw,or dremel,or by hand if you had a lot of time
,and the top to be beveled which could be simply sanded with 220 then 400 grit to the proper bevel.Reason being that it would need to be done by the individual,is that the machine shop would need to do this part by hand as well,and as we all know,a hand crafted peice is very expensive,and machine shop makes that well known.We need to get at least 25 people on board for this to happen,so if any of you would like to have a nice "Survival knife" for your Fett costume post here and we can try to get this project rolling.Braks Buddy will post the awesome pics of the blueprinted knife,however PLEASE keep in mind that the product will have to be finished by each of you to put the scalloped edge on your knife,and bevel the top.Thats all the info. I've got for now
Take it away Braks.

I should also mention that an exact copy of the blueprint will be sent along with each knife to use for reference,and can double as a template for the scalloped edge.


Art Andrews

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Here are some pics from DL 44's knife!

This is a real Paterson Stir Stick (painted silver). This is the actual found item used on Fett's suit.

This is Don Post's interestingly designed and funtional looking but horribly inaccurate version of the same item.

Here is the blueprint we came up with using Don Post's Design but the dimesions from the Paterson stir stick. The part that sticks out of the pocket will look exactly like the one seen on the movie suit.

Here is a 3D Modeled shot of the composite knife.

So, what does everyone think?

Boba Fett 1138

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Hey Brack,

the prop replica he made looks good.
but as to the DP being wrong,
I`m confused .
Did U mean the overall shape or the badly spaced oval slots in it ?
I mean U never get to see the rest of the knife
in his leg pouch.
So whos to say the 3 curved shapes in it are wrong.
LOL I just left mine strait with no shape on it at all
since you dont ever se the rest of it .
And I got tired of the round top scuffing my shin so when i made my aluminum one I just made it with a right
angle bent in the top & the front edge curved.



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Gone but not forgotten.
Hey'ya Max! Glad to have you on the new board. Thanks again for the kudos way back on the Klingon Back Scales! What do you think of Jango so far?


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Max, I meant the holes, and dimensions being wrong when compared to the paterson squeegee. If you put the DP into the shin pocket what you would see sticking above the edge of the pocket would loosely resemble what was seen in the film but it sure wouldn't match up. What we tried to do here is do with the overall Don Post design but use the correct dimensions and the exact shape of the paterson squeegee so the part you see sticking above the pocket will look exactly like what you see in the film but you will still have the cool knife blade at the other end.

As far as cutting off or bending back part of the rounded top so it doesn't cut into your leg... I have thought about this quite a number of times. If you quickly dropped to one knee you cut really whack your shin with that sharp edge of the rounded top. There is ONE picture in the Chronicles in which it looks like they might have shaved down the backside of the circle, but it could just be shadow and there are no other photos to substantiate it. However, for saftey and comfort sake I do think it is a good idea...

Boba Fett 1138

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the light bulb has come on!
I know what you mean now !

For those reasons , falling getting kicked in the shin by some young fan ,....
It happened to me belive it or not ! Not to mention getting sluged in the stomough by another kid, he hurt him self on my 1/4 thick solid stryene chest armor LOL !
That is why i made that shin tool of mine with just the right angle bend with the front curved in it.

I did tho make all my leg pouch tools of alumium.
I will send you pics of them if you would like but i dont have a place to post them on the net .

I feel if it was made of metal , and you have the resources to do it of metal and wont endanger yourself or others in wearing
it on your costume at a con,..
Then do it in metal.

Along those lines ,I made my boot spikes blunted off so the LOOK pointed but are realy have allmost a 3/16 " flat on the tip of the boots .
safer to walk in crouds at a con that way.