Rate your top 6 favorite live-action Star Wars film - TV series, from favorite to least favorite.

  • Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise Of Skywalker (2019)

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Ehrenreich was just too vanilla for me. He almost felt like a placeholder for the “real” Han to be added later. Lol! I didn’t hate him but for me he didn’t add anything to the movie (of which he is the star lol). I really don’t feel like 25yo Han would’ve been that dramatically different than 35yo Han. If he had been 15, I might could’ve accepted that this Han is half baked.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Lando as portrayed by Glover was near perfect! Inspired casting right there. He captured the spirit, mannerisms, and quirks of Bill Dee’s Lando. I was left wanting to see more of Glover’s Lando and not Ehrenreich’s Han.
I actually kind of feel the opposite. Glover’s Lando feels like an SNL parody of the character without ever actually reaching the charm, whereas the fact that Ehrenreich wasn’t hitting every note as Han made him feel a little more real and less like a cartoon character.


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In regards to SWHS..
It got hyped up quite a lot here in the UK...
Some of us Ahem! Even made scrapbooks..
Here's mine from 78 I guess it was ?





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ANH is really the only one that I ever make an effort to actually sit down and watch. It's really very very rare that I actually pull out a blu-ray or dvd of any SW movie and sit down and watch it. Mostly, I just catch pieces/parts of them when they are on tv. But, if I do, it always seems to be ANH. And it's always Adywan's Revisited version, at that.

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