star wars a new hope

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  1. skoota73

    Master Replicas Han Solo ANH Elite Edition Blaster

    Hi. I am letting go of my MR Han Solo ANH Elite Edition Blaster. Everything is included. This was opened twice. The first time being when it was first received, and for the second time, was to take pictures for this thread. This item has been sitting in storage and in my basement for years...
  2. pyker7

    Snaggletooth aka Zutmore or Zutton bust from Star Wars

  3. LayneMeringuePi

    Han Solo's Shirt ANH

    Hi all! I have been working on a Han Solo shirt and have found myself at a bit on an impasse. While I know the style is a henley, in some images it looks to be linen while in others it looks to be a bit of a thick cotton. I tried scouring through the forum topics, but it was starting to get...
  4. D

    Looking for a Commission on Stormtrooper Armor

    Hello everyone, I have purchased a ANH stormtrooper kit from TrooperBay and I'm looking for someone to commission to put it together for me. Preferably someone in Texas, but I'll consider anyone. Thank you for your time! Sincerely, Dreynos
  5. Pepperbone

    >> Custom Star Wars - Bounty Hunter-style costumes

    I've been contemplating making my own Bounty Hunter-style costume (or a rogue character) based on some design ideas I've been playing with. Head-to-toe, including custom weapon(s). Prequels were cool, but anything that revolves around the original trilogy's production design remains my...
  6. Jake Kassnoff

    Battle Damaged Darth Vader Helmet

    Tutorial Link:
  7. t2sides

    Y oh Y - 1/12 (2x) Studio Scale Y-Wing

    Here's a fun new project, utilizing the wonderful and amazing DaveG Open Source Y wing files for the main body/structure (THANK YOU DaveG!) It all started when my good friend Ryan (Belleauwood) did a test print of the head on a Saturn Resin printer. It was intended as a proof of concept to...
  8. Buckethead

    Star Wars Merr Sonn Power 5 (Denix Base)

    Merr Sonn Power 5 - This is my idealised version with complete set of greeblies. Denix base, Field Marshall bull barrel and flash hider, real Reade models parts; side grills, sight greeblies and top section, aluminium discs, scratch build buttons. Painted and weathered, Denix trigger and hammer...
  9. Jake Kassnoff

    Giant Tie Fighter

    Okay so, it's a 1/5 scale Tie fighter, but considering that I normally work in 1/1000 when it comes to starships, it's giant to me:
  10. Remote People

    OWK Real Parts Guide

    Thought it would be fun to put together a higher definition update of the original OWK lightsaber parts guides we see on the RPF and elsewhere (Seth's excellent and seminal reference excepted). So, using some of the brilliant and talented images found on the Real Vintage Part thread, have...


    RS Props helmet collection
  12. RS_PILOTS_34.jpg


    RS Props helmet collection
  13. RS_RED6_b.jpg


    RS Props helmet collection
  14. RS_RED4_b.jpg


    RS Props helmet collection
  15. RS_RED3_b.jpg


    RS Props helmet collection
  16. RS_RED2_b.jpg


    RS Props helmet collection
  17. RS_GOLD5_b.jpg


    RS Props helmet collection
  18. RS_RED6.jpg


    From RS Props
  19. RS_RED4.jpg


    From RS Props
  20. RS_RED3.jpg


    From RS Props
  21. RS_RED2.jpg


    From RS Props
  22. RS_GOLD5.jpg


    From RS Props
  23. RS_6.1.jpg


    From far left to near right: Red 4 | John D, Branon Red 2 | Wedge Antilles Rogue 3 | Wes Janson Red 3 | Biggs Darklighter Gold 5 | Davish Krail Red 6 | Jek Tono Porkins
  24. henselmonster

    Henselmonster's Luke Macrobinoculars

    I started this build with the intention of doing an entirely resin/reproduction part version, mostly resin parts on an actual Eumig. Then I found a seagull pop up on the site that must not be named for not that much. .....then I somehow grabbed a Kalimar for less than $250 Then I found a resin...
  25. HenryTheNerd

    Obi Wan's Lightsaber (3rd) - 3d printed by "Valcrow"

    Hey Everyone! This is my first thread, and I wanted to tackle my favorite movie prop, Old Ben Kenobi's lightsaber from "A New Hope". I got the file from Jacky (Valcrow) here: Before I made a machined version, I wanted to...

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