star wars a new hope

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    RS Props helmet collection
  2. RS_PILOTS_34.jpg


    RS Props helmet collection
  3. RS_RED6_b.jpg


    RS Props helmet collection
  4. RS_RED4_b.jpg


    RS Props helmet collection
  5. RS_RED3_b.jpg


    RS Props helmet collection
  6. RS_RED2_b.jpg


    RS Props helmet collection
  7. RS_GOLD5_b.jpg


    RS Props helmet collection
  8. RS_RED6.jpg


    From RS Props
  9. RS_RED4.jpg


    From RS Props
  10. RS_RED3.jpg


    From RS Props
  11. RS_RED2.jpg


    From RS Props
  12. RS_GOLD5.jpg


    From RS Props
  13. RS_6.1.jpg


    From far left to near right: Red 4 | John D, Branon Red 2 | Wedge Antilles Rogue 3 | Wes Janson Red 3 | Biggs Darklighter Gold 5 | Davish Krail Red 6 | Jek Tono Porkins
  14. henselmonster

    Henselmonster's Luke Macrobinoculars

    I started this build with the intention of doing an entirely resin/reproduction part version, mostly resin parts on an actual Eumig. Then I found a seagull pop up on the site that must not be named for not that much. .....then I somehow grabbed a Kalimar for less than $250 Then I found a resin...
  15. SpiderPhantom5

    Star Wars SOLD- Korbanth Darth Vader ANH Chest Armor

    I am selling my Vader Korbanth chest armor, barely used and just sort of collecting dust now as I put my Vader build on hold and rethink my approach to the costume. This was hand painted (with brushed metallic parts, accurate to ANH) and has very slight wear on the edges on the back of the...
  16. RoyDeckard

    Hensoldt Ziel Dialyt 2 3/4x Scope

    Up for sale is my Hensoldt Wetzlar Ziel Dialyt 2 3/4x scope, in very good condition. This was one that originally had a ring on it that Scott Juarez of Crucible Custom props had removed. To mount into your scope all you have to do is mill or drill a section out for the extra screw in for that...
  17. HenryTheNerd

    Obi Wan's Lightsaber (3rd) - 3d printed by "Valcrow"

    Hey Everyone! This is my first thread, and I wanted to tackle my favorite movie prop, Old Ben Kenobi's lightsaber from "A New Hope". I got the file from Jacky (Valcrow) here: Before I made a machined version, I wanted to...
  18. madebyap

    AP's Studio Scale TIE Fighter (2020)

    Greetings prop and model makers! Last year I found a studio scale TIE fighter on eBay, as the story goes, it was sitting in the seller's garage for the past ten years and he never got to it. He says it was a Nice-N model that was miscast, so he got it really cheap. I posted pictures and video...
  19. TheReliquary

    Death Star Plans Datacard review:

    New to the RPF...bringing you my first official replica review! Lemme know what you think, and don’t forget to sub!
  20. Jake Kassnoff

    Darksaber from The Mandalorian

    I figured out how to do the blade without LEDs:
  21. Studio Kitbash

    Limited Run 5 Foot Millennium Falcon Blown Domes at Realistic Cost

    Searching for seven interested parties to chip in together and save on the R&D jig-making and final manufacturing cost of officially accurate blown domes for scratch-building a Star Wars (ANH, 1977) 5.3-footer Millennium Falcon: 1. blow-molded 1/4" plexiglass upper domes of 3.75" max height at...
  22. FabiKurz

    Darth Vader -episode IV- Lightsaber

    Hi everybody! I'm a new member of RPF. i'm really amazed with the works I've found here and I want to share those that I have done across the years. My first will be this: A Vader's Lightsaber built from a flashlight and a couple of things that I've found on the way. You'll see all my projects...
  23. Ponda Baba

    Ponda Baba

    What's left of the original prosthetic.
  24. Ponda Baba

    Ponda Baba

    What's left of the original prosthetic.
  25. Paul6700

    Mouse Droid & Baby Dianoga

    Acquired the parts of a full scale MSE-6, better known as the mouse droid, from a fellow R2 builder. He slowly accumulated all these parts from a variety of part runs on the Mouse Builders Forum and decided to ultimately not to build this one. When I bought all of this off him I was thinking I...

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