star wars a new hope

  1. Corellianexports

    Star Wars Star Wars Parks Luke Skywalker ANH Lightsaber

    I have a rare Parks lightsaber up for sale. $299.99 is my asking price so I am open to offers. The price does not include shipping.
  2. DarthBen123

    Obi-Wan ANH FX Lightsaber with Crystal Chamber

    Accurately weathered & installed by Tom Leech (The Proplicator) Vintage Graflex clamp & Motorola transistors Dual quartz Rudy Pando crystal chamber with Shtock 3D printed chassis Prizm 5.1 with BGW LED (This saber is about to have the recharge port changed by ObiShane and will ship from him once...
  3. Serenity

    Star Wars Roman Props Weathered Obi ANH Pommel/Handwheel

    This is a Roman Props Star Wars Obi-Wan ANH weathered static pommel/handwheel. It is in intentionally weathered condition with some marks and surface scratches, most intentional and a few from just general handling and storage. It disassembles into four pieces just like the real Armitage Shanks...
  4. Flyscriber

    Studio scale Gold Leader Y-wing build info and questions for all you wise folk.

    Hi Folks. Heres another one for ya to follow if you fancy. I'm am now a number of day's into the prep and armature design and build for another Y wing Salzo/Neisen kit. It comes with an ally flat plate 5mm thick and a rod with a machined flat in it to accommodate the plate. Both these parts...
  5. M

    Vintage Racal Minilite Headset Found Part Star Wars Aliens

    Vintage original Racal Acoustics Minilite headset, as seen in Star Wars: A New Hope (Han and Luke in the Millennium Falcon) and Aliens
  6. M

    Star Wars E-11 blaster scope MHR Co 1943 M38 tank telescope

    edit: SOLD a vintage brass 1943 M.H.R. M38 tank telescope, aka one of the stormtrooper E-11 blaster scopes. Includes the additional screw-in front lens, which removes and attaches smoothly. Price: $250/shipped in USA, $300/shipped international. Thank you. Photos:
  7. M

    pls delete

    Pulling the listing
  8. Indy Magnoli

    Star Wars "Scene 38 Reimagined" #SC38Reimagined

    Very well done, but a bit overboard, in my opinion. I never had a problem with the original "slow" scene. I thought Adywan did a great job speeding it up a little bit and adding the music from the prequels to tie it in a bit without entirely reinventing the scene. I always liked the idea that...
  9. Star Wars Helmets

    RS Prop Masters Biggs Darklighter X-Wing Helmet

    At a time when the licensed producers are constantly delaying release of "pre-order" replicas, I have to say its a very pleasant experience ordering and then receiving a replica prop on time! So here's my latest acquisition, the RS Prop Masters Biggs X-Wing helmet, signed by ole Biggsy...
  10. Prop Rocks

    Bandai Millennium Falcon 006 Scale Kit Build

    Hello! Thought I'd share my work on the smallest version of the Millennium Falcon that Bandai offers. I made a video of the build process (includes lots of silliness) and posted pictures on my Instagram page (Dane Crandall (@prop_rocks) • Instagram photos and videos). Let me know what you...
  11. Indy Magnoli

    WTB or Trade: HIGH QUALITY Han Solo Gun Belt/Holster/Rig

    I'm looking for a super high quality Han Solo gun rig (no greeblies/extras needed, just the finished belt). I'd prefer a ANH set-up but will consider ESB as well. I wear a 31-32 off-the-rack waist size. Looking to trade, preferably... got TONS of good stuff, including a genuine Kobold Flash in...
  12. Sabs

    ANH Obi-Wan Lightsaber measurements guide

    Hello and welcome to my first public project. I've been working in secret for many months to build what will become the perfect CAD model of the Obi-Wan ANH lightsaber, the part drawings of which I will share to everyone, hopefully there are those among you that will help me perfect this body...
  13. J

    Deflection Tower Diorama - Star Wars

    I got the Bandai trench set and I couldn't find a way to display the trench that I liked. I did like however laying out the tiles into a flat base, and I got the idea to have the display surrounded around a deflection tower probably from my love of the Rogue Squadron II video game. I'm making...
  14. Aldo The Apache

    EFX Star Deystroyer for $16,000

    I never thought I would see a prop go for that much from a licensed company. I understand a lot of work has been put into this, but seriously, I can get a car with that much money. Yes it is a massive model, but wow. I’ve had good, and bad moments with EFX. Sometimes I like them, sometimes I...
  15. Flyscriber

    Studio scale TIE wing thickness info if you can

    Hey RPF folk, I trust your eyes are now used to the brightness of the new site. Now I can wear my shades of an evening ;-) I am just about to embark on a Studio scale Tie commission and I would like to make the main wing supporting structure and wing edge details from laser cut layers of steel...
  16. M

    Want to Buy 5ft Falcon Builder looking for the H&R 601 Brick Sheet to finish Docking Rings

    Hi, Finishing up my Docking Rings and only need the Holgate & Reynolds HO 601 Brick pieces. I’ll pay for a full sheet or a small piece, whatever you have. Appreciate the Help with this MASSIVE Build! Sincerely, Kevin
  17. tmax

    Vintage Parks Obi Wan Hilt - Educate me please!

    Hey guys, I recently purchased this hilt described as a Parks Sabers hilt, but I don't know much about them and need educating. Can someone confirm it is in fact a Parks? What era was it made? How accurate is it? What is it worth? Not looking to sell, just want to know...
  18. WorksByaHurst

    Scratch Built Steel Millennium Falcon

    Hello everyone, This is only my second post so bear with me. I don’t know exactly where I fall in the modeling world. I mainly work in metal so I’m guess that would classify me as more of a Sculptor but I am learning more modeling techniques. I hope to stake my sculpting more into the scale...
  19. vectorzero

    TIE Advanced Build Log (Nice-N Base with Modifications)

    I never seem to have the time to build stuff although I spend a lot of time here living vicariously.... Being a perfectionist by nature I’ve been caught in the loop that by the time I’ve got the time to create my ‘grail collection’ of Studio Scale Star Wars ships, it will take me so long to...
  20. zorg

    Limited Run Cz-3 star wars droid head

    this run is now closed painted commissions are underway please be patient as i work 12 hour shifts painted 350 raw kit 250 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Bigcat1114 PAINTED - PAID -SHIPPED 2...
  21. COlson

    Bandai 1/72 scale Y-Wing Starfighter with lighting

    Just wanted to share some photos of my completed Bandai 1/72 Y-wing starfighter, which I completely modded with lighted cockpit, firing torpedos and lasers, lit R2 unit and animated and lit engines. Thanks for checking it out. This first link is a video to the operation of the lighting...
  22. J

    Tunisia Pilgrimage

    Is anybody out there planning a trip to Tunisia? If so, I’m willing to pay you for a vile of sand!
  23. J

    Trooperbay weathering question

    Hello RPF! I'm hoping to attract some folks who may be familiar with weathering their Stormtrooper armor, blasters, sabers, and Star Wars props. Trooperbay sells something I think is really cool: their weathering kit that contains different samples of Earth and terrain. One of these samples is...
  24. F

    Looking for Advice on Dyeing Fabric

    I'm currently working on a costume, making Jawa robes. The fabric I'm working with is monks cloth, 100% cotton. I dyed it once, with RIT dye (two dark browns, one sunshine orange), and it wasn't quite as dark as I wanted, so I dyed it a second time. I did the washer method, which for the most...
  25. N

    The Best Graflex

    Here it is, I have been waiting to make this thread for a long time. Mostly because I have had to wait for certain variations of the Saber to be released. This thread will cover the best Graflex Replicas from every movie variation. Hope you all enjoy: So, we all know that the most iconic prop...