the mandalorain

  1. CrossfireProps

    Star Wars Mandalorian/Cobb Vanth Krayt Dragon Detonator Replica

    Hey all! Wanted to share one of my latest builds and a limited run that's as limited as it gets, one! This is a replica of the Krayt Dragon Detonator as seen in S2 of The Mandalorian. This was constructed using the same base as the original prop, a vintage military bund alarm device. Of course...
  2. CrossfireProps

    Limited Run Metal Mandalorian Vibroblades

    Hey all! Wanted to share my most recent project. This is a limited run, 88 kits and 10 finished replicas of Din Darin's Vibroblade from the Mandalorian. The kits have just become available and I will be starting on the finished replicas soon, hoping to have them done sometime in May. All are...
  3. Pepperbone

    Star Wars Poll - Live Action Projects

    I will update this poll to include new live-action projects as they are released (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Andor, etc). Participants should be allowed to change their votes as time goes on. Forget the "from favorite to least favorite" portion of the question, I thought there would be a way for the poll...
  4. MrSpideyXD

    Boba Fett's Repainted Armor (The Mandalorian Season 2) W.I.P

    Hey everyone, im new here on the rpf and i want to share with you some of my progress on my Boba Fett's armor from The Mandalorian Season 2. Any kind of advice is welcome.
  5. Sni9er

    The Mandalorian Detonator (Chapter 10) - an adventure in conversion

    Hi folks! I feel it's been wholy to long since I last made a post here, I've still been working hard on props but mainly in the Facebook space! this project, however, felt like one that needed some extra documentation for future makers Since it's a conversion of a Found part and one that seems...
  6. LordHeadass

    New Vibro Axe from the Mandalorian

    So since I saw the trailer for season 2 of The Mandalorian I noticed at the end someone was holding a vibro axe with a different looking blade and I realized that the whole entire thing was different from the original one from ROTJ. I grabbed a screenshot from an earlier episode where you can...
  7. Sni9er

    Limited Run =JJ= Industries: Metal Amban Phase Rounds (The Mandalorian)

    Howdy Folks! Hope your all surviving! got something new for you today! Introducing our Amban Phase Round Purchase Here - Amban Phase Round - Metal Machined beautifully in 6061 Aluminium featuring a detailed CNC Brass Insert, the Amban Phase Round is compatible with our Aluminium Shin...