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The Clone Wars were a series of deadly wars that occurred 35 years before A New Hope and are raging through Episode 1 and Episode 2. The Clone Wars were fought between the "Dark Worlds Alliances", an Alliance of corrupt corporate barons named "The Clone Masters", seeking to overthrow the corrupt and "lost" Old Republic and replace it with a regime that will bring Utopia. The Dark Worlds Alliances were united by the Bpfasshi Dark Jedi, Black Knight of the Sith Maul. The Clone Masters are using an illegal technology, cloning; they created clones of Mandalorians, an ancient race of Warriors, and unleashed a madness on the Galaxy, "The Clone Madness", unstable clones who are grown in less than a year.
  • The Dark Worlds Alliances are a totalitarian theocracy ultimately seeking domination of the Galaxy. They have some loose parallels to the House of Harkonnen and CHOAM as corporate barons are a member of them.
  • The Clones are an army of Insane Spaarti Clones created by the Clone Masters
  • The main Clone Master is Governor Crispin Hoedaack
For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. The Jedi Knights are Space Arthurian Knights, they are honorable with a sense of Justice. They are fighting in the front lines to protect the Republic from the Dark forces. The Jedi Knights serve the Planets of the Old Republic, for example, Obi-Wan Kenobi serves the House of Organa from Alderaan. A Jedi Master is someone who achieves peace and inner balance within the Force. The Jedi Masters are not taking part in fighting, unlike the Knights. The Leader of the Jedi Knights is Supreme Master Bendu and his 2nd is command is Jedi Master Clieg Whitsun.
  • The Jedi Knights can have children and marry
  • The Jedi Knights are dressed like this
During the War, an age of corruption and greed started in the Old Republic. Senators taking bribes, lying, and abandoning their ideals to secure their power became causality within the Republic. The President of the Republic, President Kayos, lost the trust of the public due to the corruption within his administration and his bad management of the Clone Wars. His fall led to the rise of the Imperial Party, led by Xon Palpatine. Within the Imperial Party, there are officials that we will later meet in the OT like Admiral Tarkin, Anus Greejatus, Sim Aloo, Sate Pestage, Ars Dangor, Kren Blista-Vanee, and Pebimarus Xorn.
  • These figures are "Nixonian Gangsters" corrupt officials and elitists that surround Palpatine and through them, he is doing the dirty work that will facilitate his rise to power.
The rivals of the Imperial Party were the Galactic Party, led by Prince Bail Organa of Alderaan and Mon Mothma of Chandrila.
Within the Jedi Knights, there is a very legendary figure, named Master Yoda. Yoda is like a space prophet, akin to Samuel. Yoda is 900 years old, a legend within the Jedi Knights. He trained Bendu, and his last Apprentice was Obi-Wan Kenobi. There are rumors that Yoda resides on the Planet of Dagobah, and when a Jedi Apprentice, also known as "Padawan", is going to complete his training, he is sent to Dagobah to construct his own Lightsaber and become a Knight.
Another famous figure is the mysterious ancient Dark Side wizard, a satanic figure named "The Emperor". The Emperor, like Yoda, is an ancient dark prophet, more than 900 years old, and is rumored to be the old rival of Yoda, but wasn't seen or heard from for centuries. Maybe he never existed. According to the rumors, the Emperor used to reside in Byss, but many believe that this Planet doesn't even exist.
Unlike the Dark Worlds Alliances who are using Clones, the soldiers of The Republic, aside from the Knights, are human soldiers.
The Republic's capital is Coruscant

  • Episode 1 opens in Chandrila, Nellith Arcadia and Prince Bail Organa of Alderaan are going to marry due to their family's arrangement. Bail is interested in Nellith, but she is not interested in him. They are on friendly terms despite some of the hostility between them. BUT THEN Chandrila is invaded by the Dark Worlds Alliances. We are introduced to Maul who easily slaughters the guards (a scene akin to Vader's hallaway).
  • There is a cut to the Planet of Kessel, where we are introduced to our main protagonist, Anakin (He isn’t named Skywalker at this point). Anakin, nicknamed “Kane”, is the same age as Luke in Episode 4 and is friends with Owen Lars and Beru. They are his only friends. Anakin is an orphan who never knew his parents therefore he has abandonment issues and has a lot of Luke’s traits in Episode 4, he is also similar to James Dean’s character in East of Eden. Anakin is a hero’s journey character, awkward, naive, and good-hearted but rebellious with inner turmoil, sensitive, and searching for a sense of identity and belonging.
  • Anakin is bullied by the local bully Brotus, he is bad at fighting therefore he is constantly humiliated by the bullies.
  • Despite this, Anakin is a good pilot and attempts to use his piloting skills to earn money, but the bullies steal his money after beating him up.
  • Anakin rushes off to fight back which also introduces us to his bit of a hot temper, after he is attacked brutally by the bullies - Anakin is saved by a mysterious figure (Homage to Miyagi saving Daniel in Karate Kid) - who is revealed to be Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan reveals that he was sent to the Outer-Rim to explore the Clone Masters’ illegal dealings - but we are then revealed that Obi-Wan is actually Owen Lars’ brother, who left Owen to become a Jedi. (Much like how he behaves in the OT with Luke, Owen attempts to hold Anakin back). There is a lot of hostility between Owen and Obi-Wan - we are hinted that Owen might be jealous of Obi-Wan’s life.
  • Obi-Wan senses that Anakin is uniquely strong with The Force and tries to ask Owen about Anakin’s family. Obi-Wan offers Anakin to join him on an adventure in the big galaxy and become a Jedi, Owen is furious at the idea and Anakin is afraid to leave his home planet behind. Anakin is eventually convinced to leave with Obi-Wan, who shares similar ideals to that of Anakin - and Owen accepts his friend’s choice.
  • Obi-Wan and Anakin quickly connect with each other, Obi-Wan understands Anakin’s struggles and needs to find acceptance and belonging and believes he can train him. It is revealed that ever since the War, the Jedi Knights were in a slow decline and are not as strong as they used to be.
  • During the war, Obi-Wan served the House of Organa from Alderaan.
  • It is revealed that Maul and the Dark Worlds Alliances plan to invade Alderaan, and the corrupted corporations that are part of the Alliance are running facilities with genetics and biology, including cloning, which is considered a crime and illegal technique. They want to take over Alderaan’s facilities to create an improved Clone Army.
  • Anakin, who was raised in Kessel since he was born, is shocked when he is introduced to Coruscant and Alderaan. Anakin’s innocence is quite obvious when he cannot hear Obi-Wan talking to him since he is “still recovering from the shock of seeing such a different Galaxy than what he was used to”
  • The Jedi Knights refuse to train Anakin because they sense a lot of anger within him, but Obi-Wan insists on taking it upon himself to train the boy, being amazed by how strongly The Force is with him despite his lack of skill.
  • Anakin falls in love with Nellith after seeing her for the first time in Alderaan, both relate to each other searching for a need for belonging. Bail Organa notices Nellith and Anakin’s interest in each other which causes him to resent the boy a bit. Their small rivalry starts off as a Rich Suitor, Poor Suitor trope, like in Titanic.
  • Maul leads the Clones during the War, a ruthless and brilliant military strategist, and a mighty Dark Jedi, he slaughters Republic Soldiers and develops a rivalry with Obi-Wan and Anakin as he leads the Dark World alliances against The Republic. He is brutal and violent, but also manipulative, charismatic, and charming.
  • It is revealed that Maul and Crispin Hoedaack are planning to invade Alderaan, kidnapping the royal Organa family and taking over Alderaan’s resources for improved Clonings. Hoedaack wants Alderaan’s resources so he can continue to gain money and power and draw the War further.
  • The Clone Wars is devastating and we see the menace of the Clones throughout the movie, unleashing madness at the Galaxy.
  • We’re introduced to Planet Chandrila, Coruscant, and more.
  • Maul’s long-term plan is to construct the Death Star, a weapon with unprecedented power. Obi-Wan discovers about this goal.
  • At the background, The Republic is in a political crisis: the incumbent president, Xon Palpatine, is running for reelection. Palpatine took office after the War started, and many of his political Party members were suspected of shady deals.
  • The Dark Worlds invade Alderaan and Chandrila - and a great battle starts like in Episode 4.
  • Anakin shows his Piloting skills and destroys the Dark Worlds’ Space Fortress.
  • Anakin and Obi-Wan both attempt to take on Maul, who defeats Obi-Wan after an iconic fight and chops Anakin’s hand, after Anakin recklessly tries to take him on.
  • Bail agrees to cancel his wedding with Nellith
  • Palpatine is elected as President for 2nd time.
  • Obi-Wan nicknames Anakin “Skywalker”
  • Anakin and Obi-Wan return to Alderaan, and Bail Organa names Anakin “The Hero of Alderaan”. Anakin and Nellith share a small kiss…
  • Episode 2 opens 10 years later, Anakin and Obi-Wan become war heroes of The Clone Wars. Anakin is an experienced, ruthless, and powerful Jedi Knight. He is the best star-pilot in the Galaxy, a cunning warrior, and he is a good friend to Obi-Wan, going on adventures across the Galaxy.
  • Palpatine greatly expanded government control during the war after the chaos spread in the Galaxy. Corruption, bribery, and terror have reduced the High Council to all but a devoted few, including Bail Organa and Mon Mothma, while a massive bureaucracy, too large and not very effective, maintains control over the various star systems. Maul and The Clone Masters also became richer and richer.
  • The Jedi Knights are starting to suspect in the corruption, and are slowly drifting away from the Senate. The Senate secretly instigates race wars and aids the Dark Worlds so the war will continue. This slows down the system of justice, which causes the crime rate to rise to the point where the system welcomes a totally controlled and oppressive police state.
  • The Jedi Knights secretly ally with Bail and Mon Mothma to take down the Imperial Party.
  • Palpatine gets close to Anakin and puts him in charge of The Republic’s army. Anakin hatches a plan to destroy the Leaders of the Alliances which impresses Palpatine.
  • Obi-Wan and Anakin split; Obi-Wan is sent to the outer rim alongside Bail Organa to liberate Planets that were enslaved by Maul, while Anakin goes after Maul in an attempt to stop him from constructing The Death Star. Nellith joins Anakin.
  • Obi-Wan and Organa arrive in the Planet of Ondos - where they meet the tribe of Ashardi. The tribe of Ashardi is a tribe of Clones that managed to escape from Maul and the Clone Masters and live a life of prosperity. This, however, would not last long - as The Troops of Maul locate Ondos and commit genocide there.
  • Anakin and Nellith return to Anakin’s home planet of Kessel. Anakin discovers that Owen and Beru relocated and that now the Alliances are controlling the Planet, which was originally an outer-rim Planet. After noticing one of the local Commanders abusing an innocent slave, Anakin commits violent mass murder against the Alliances and the Clone Troopers there. He decides to locate Maul no matter what.
  • We see the horrors of the War affected Anakin; he is willing to be violent and brutal to achieve his goals, which makes his attitude the opposite of that of Obi-Wan and also serves as a microcosm of the conflict between the pacifism and the hawkish ideology. (Akin to Magneto and Xavier)
  • Obi-Wan, Bail, and their squad of the House of Organa are on a quest to weaken the Dark Worlds Alliances factions in the Outer-Rim as much as possible including the Planet of Mon Calamari. They liberate Star systems and Planets that were conquered by Maul and ally with these systems.
  • We see how the war changed Anakin’s political views: While Nellith believes in peace, Anakin believes all means are valid to finish the Alliances and “Bring order to the Galaxy”. Anakin's flaws are highlighted: He seeks for revenge against Maul, which contrasts with Obi-Wan’s ideology: Obi-Wan wants to bring Maul to justice, Anakin wants him dead, supported by Palpatine. Anakin promises to Nellith that he will leave the Jedi Knights for her so they can have a quiet life, but vows to end the threat of Maul at first.
  • Anakin goes after Maul by himself, vowing to stop him from constructing the Death Star and further spread chaos throughout the Galaxy. He is willing to do so in his own way. Anakin locates his enemy in the 5th moon of Da Soocha, the two have a violent duel which ends with Anakin tapping into the Dark Side and slaughtering Maul. Anakin orders his troops to locate the remaining Dark World leaders and kill them all (An homage to the scene in The Godfather where Michael kills all the leaders of the 5 families).
  • The Republic fully becomes “The Empire”, promising to enforce back law and order.
  • The Jedi decided to rebel against the Senate after losing its faith in The Republic. They discover that Palpatine’s entourage was involved in killing senators and rigging elections. They are denounced as traitors. This is the beginning of the Rebellion
  • Palpatine reveals to Anakin the truth: He is The Ancient Dark Emperor, who lived in the shadows for years, waiting for the chance to strike. Palpatine reveals he used the Clone technology to transfer his essence into Clone bodies, staying alive for years fooling the Jedi into believing he is dead. Anakin tries to attack Palpatine who defeats him with ease. Anakin, determined to end the War no matter what, understands he will need to learn how to use the Dark Side to become powerful enough to bring law and order. Anakin kneels before Palpatine and pledges himself as his Dark Apprentice; Palpatine names him “Darth Vader” and places him in charge of the secret “great Jedi purge”. Anakin gives the order to bomb Clieg Whitsun’s ship.
  • Anakin and Obi-Wan have a final meeting that ends in a clash. After a small confrontation, Anakin orders Obi-Wan to leave and never return so he won't have to hurt him. Anakin warns him to never take sides against the Empire.
  • Palpatine declares that all the traitors will be hunted down.
  • Obi-Wan and the remaining Jedi Knights are agreeing to go into hiding to organize the rebellion against The Empire. Bail tells Obi-Wan he and Mon Mothma will try to influence the Senate from the inside.
  • Episode 3 opens 2 years later.
  • The Empire has spread throughout the Galaxy. Any attempt to oppose the emerging dictatorship is oppressed. The Senate is rigged and swayed by The Emperor and his entourage. They do what they want without supervision and restriction. The Rebellion is struggling. Anakin became the official leader of the New Imperial clone army and secretly led the Great Jedi Purge, hunting the Knights of the Old Republic one by one.
  • Episode 3 opens on the outer rim. Anakin, going by the name of Darth Vader in Imperial missions, commits a massacre against a group that rebelled against The Empire’s control of the Planet. This shows us how violent Anakin became under Palpatine’s guidance using the Dark Side of the Force. He does not hesitate to commit war crimes, he is brutal and ruthless. Anakin was sent by the Emperor to find the secret Kaiburr crystal, a crystal that will unlock the map to the secret planet of the Dark Side where Anakin will be guided by The Emperor’s spirit further.
  • Nellith notices Anakin become distant. She tries to uncover what he is up to on his missions from The Empire, Anakin demands her never to get involved in his missions.
  • Palpatine, Darth Vader, and Grand Moff Tarkin know that a Rebellion is starting and suspect Bail and Mon Mothma. Anakin knows that there are Jedi Knights across the Galaxy and leads a brutal campaign against them.
  • Obi-Wan leads a group of rouge former Republican soldiers alongside the Jedi Knights that went into hiding on the 5th moon of Utapau. Obi-Wan attempts to fight the Imperial factions that are conquering core star systems, but with no success. He goes for Bendu for advice and shows remorse for his failure to train Anakin.
  • Bail discovers that Grand Moff Tarkin took over Maul’s plans for the Death Star and is now building the feared weapon. Obi-Wan vows to stop it no matter what.
  • Nellith is worried about Anakin. Despite his situation, Anakin attempts to convince Nellith that he is building a better future for both of them. Anakin, meanwhile, gets drawn into the Dark Side more and more. He is trained by The emperor and gets stronger and stronger. Anakin throughout the film brutally destroys everyone who stands in his way; Jedi Knights that we met in the previous 2 films and rouge soldiers. He vows to locate the Rebellion and uncover it.
  • Bail tries to convince Nellith to help him and join the Rebels. Nellith is hesitant due to her loyalty to Anakin and her political view that another war is stopping peace and will just cause more damage. Bail attempts to confront Senators that were bribed by The Emperor and Tarkin, and is threatened by him. Nellith is starting to get convinced, noticing that The Empire is tyrannical and corrupted, but is torn between the right thing to do and Anakin.
  • The Emperor has a confrontation with Bendu and reveals that he is The Emperor of the Dark Side who waited for centuries to destroy the Jedi Knights and managed to stay alive by transferring his essence into Cloned bodies. Bendu understands his failure, and tries to battle The Emperor, but ends up getting killed. The Emperor is too powerful.
  • Nellith reaches out to Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan reveals to her that he is a part of the Rebellion and that Anakin is the one who is hunting down the Jedi Knights. Nellith struggles to believe but knows Obi-Wan is right. She leaves with him and joins the Rebel Alliance.
  • Darth Vader hunts down Obi-Wan. He discovers that Nellith left him and is losing control, vowing to find her. The Emperor uses it to push him further towards the Dark Side. Vader is now determined to find his former mentor and find his wife.
  • Vader and Obi-Wan are reunited after 2 years after Vader manages to locate Kenobi. While they have a lot of hostility, we are hinted that Anakin still has a soft spot for Ben. Obi-Wan, meanwhile, attempts to convince Anakin that there is still good in him and that he can help him fix all of that. Anakin is conflicted but rejects him. Vader explains that he turned to the Dark Side so he could learn the Dark Side and secrets of the Emperor from within so he would be able to surpass him and overthrow him. Obi-Wan warns him that he is playing with fire. Vader refuses to listen. They start dueling which ends with Vader using the Dark Side and defeating Obi-Wan. He gives Obi-Wan another chance to escape before he will destroy him. Obi-Wan manages to escape.
  • The Emperor sends Anakin to Korriban - The Home Planet of the Dark Side where he will be guided by Palpatine’s essence and his advisors to unlock his potential in the Dark Side. Anakin arrives in Korriban by using the map of the Crystal.
  • Unbeknownst to him, Obi-Wan managed to put a chip on Vader and track him. Vader, meanwhile, enters the temple of the Dark Side and is guided by Palpatine’s spirit and his advisors. Vader is crowned as “Dark Lord of the Sith”. Obi-Wan enters the temple and confronts Anakin. After discovering that Anakin is now the one who is constructing the Death Star, Obi-Wan understands that “Darth Vader killed Anakin”. They start a deadly, climatic, and tragic duel where we see how much Anakin’s power has advanced in the Dark Side. Their duel ends with Anakin losing control which leads to his defeat, and Obi-Wan chopping his legs and causing him to fall into a volcano pit.
  • The Emperor’s fleet manages to overthrow the Rebellion’s forces. The Emperor and Grand Moff Tarkin execute the traitors of the Rebellion and continue to enforce their iron fist grip.
  • The Imperial troops manage to locate Anakin and bring him before The Emperor. Anakin is rebuilt into a dark armor and becomes the Darth Vader we all know and love from the OT, more machine than man, twisted and evil.
  • Nellith discovers that she is pregnant with twins. Obi-Wan and Bail agree that she will be sent to Dagobah where she will be protected from The Emperor, and then the children will be split; One child will be raised by Obi-Wan’s brother in Tatooine while the other will be raised by Bail in Alderaan. Obi-Wan decides to go hiding in Tatooine and believes that in time, Anakin’s son will lead the Rebellion and save the Galaxy from Anain himself. The movie ends with a hopeful tone with Obi-Wan and Nellith watching the Alderaanian sunset.

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