the empire strikes back

  1. Psab keel

    Fully Painted Smurf Yoda with parts

    While I am pained to sell this, I could really use the funds. As cute as The Child is, why not have a full grown Yoda? ;) PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PHOTO SHOWS THESE PARTS LOOSELY ARRANGED TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA OF HOW YOU CAN ASSEMBLE THIS KIT. YOU WILL NEED TO BUILD THIS AND MOST OF THE PIECES YOU...
  2. frogfreak

    My airsoft bespin DL-44 build

    What's up everyone!? So recently I bought an umarex mauser c96. and I'm wanting to first, make it look more like a real mauser, then convert it to a bespin Han solo dl-44. Here is what I'm starting with: Here is the first thing I've tackled: I needed to remove that fake molded in selector...
  3. alecsanz

    Luke Skywalker's TESB paper lightsaber

    Hello today I bring you Luke's lightsaber from The Empire Strikes Back. More pics here: Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from The Empire Strikes Back