revenge of the sith

  1. S

    Anyone know where to get the best vader rots soft and hard parts ?

    Please let me know about anyone who makes soft parts or hard parts for the costume!
  2. Psab keel

    Star Wars Anakin Skywalker ROTS Outer Tunic Set

    Replicated using our 100% Screen accurate Dark Brown Crinkle fabric, this Tunic set features the cloth tabards as well as sash. This style of tunic was worn by Hayden Christensen in the third film, as well as during the flashback sequences from the new limited series. This set includes the...
  3. Psab keel

    Star Wars Anakin Skywalker ROTS Wool Robe

    Made from heavy wool suiting with a distinct texture, this dark brown robe features the correct self-lined oversized hood with pleats on the edge of the collar. It also has the correct shoulder tucks, with added opera straps to keep it from slipping off your leather tabards. This robe has the...
  4. Pepperbone

    Star Wars Poll #2 - What is your favorite SW LIVE project

    Trying another one - again for fun. Pick your single favorite SW live action project.
  5. Pepperbone

    Star Wars Poll - Live Action Projects

    I will update this poll to include new live-action projects as they are released (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Andor, etc). Participants should be allowed to change their votes as time goes on. Forget the "from favorite to least favorite" portion of the question, I thought there would be a way for the poll...
  6. Psab keel

    Limited Run Anakin Skywalker ROTS Inner Tunic Fabric

    Who wants some screen accurate ROTS Inner Tunic Fabric? This is a slightly lighter shade than the screen used but the weave is identical and the fiber content is 92% Silk Crepe and 8% Spandex. 46" Inches wide. I only have 9.25 yards left and once it's gone that's it! $60.00 a yard. Keep in...
  7. Buckethead

    Interest CNC Aluminium DC15s Clone Blaster - Price Update!

    Update 4.11.20 So I have a quote in, if at least 25 of us can get on board they would be £600 GBP each + shipping for a kit. This is a great price for a full size kit! Project Start I have been working with the very talented Jetstorm_3d, aka Léo, (who modelled an extraordinary model of the...
  8. TheTbagmonster

    Phase II Clone Trooper Armor Pepakura Build

    Hello fellow Star Wars fans! I wasn't going to post my progress until I was nearly done with this suit as I figured it'd be nice to post all the progress pictures at once, but then I said screw it, and here I am. I started this project in 2016 using Firefek's clone files, but only in the past...
  9. Joek3rr

    Lets talk all things Star Wars

    So I've been wanting to create this thread for sometime. Basically if anyone wants to. Come talk Star Wars. Doesn't matter if it's about the movies, TV shows, games, books, Legends or Canon. If it's Star Wars, then let's talk about. If there's something you love, let's talk about it. Something...