Screen Accurate & Budget Rocketeer Costume Tutorial


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Hello fellow finheads, prop enthusiast and other people who are just bored and have nothing better to do

After a few requests, I decided put together a quick tutorial / costume guide to help fellow finheads to figure out what is the best option for them to fulfill their dream of becoming a hood ornament. Please pay close attention because I will be posting a few helpful links that will help you along your way

I will show basically two guides…..first guide will be a “close” to screen accurate rocketeer costume….this isn’t for the faint of heart and this is a very very costly process….Time to play lotto kids because this one is a doozey…..a close to screen accurate costume will run $3,000 to $6,000……..yes, the same price as a used car or even feed a small country for a few decades…….so be prepared to pay an arm and a leg….

I say “close” to screen accurate because I highly doubt a 100% screen accurate costume can be put together…………it’s just not going to happen….unless you ditch the replica route and pursue screen used props……If you already own screen-used costume pieces, remember one thing…………..I hate you with a passion………..

The second guide will consist of a budget rocketeer and give many different options on how to put together a decent looking costume without breaking the bank (aka the best way to not upset the significant other)

First off the screen accurate costume!!!!!!!

The helmet:

There are many options out there since the rocketeer helmet has been recast sooooooo many times....finding the most accurate replica helmets aren't that hard......just knowing where to purchase them is the key....

The top 3 most accurate replica helmets are the Acme helmet, HMS helmet, and ER helmets.

The Acme and HMS are available to the general public.

The Acme helmet kit runs about $200 and the HMS is $300 ( both not including shipping and handling).

Acme Helmet Kit

HMS helmet is on the right


Remember the helmets are in kit form, so dremeling and painting are separate. You can either finish it off yourself or hire a fellow prop maker to complete the helmet for you. It is cheaper to do it yourself, so be prepared for some blood sweat and tears.

There are a few members that offer their services to complete the helmet for you, but the best of the best is Dualedge. He owned a screen-used helmet and he studied the helmet very carefully. His helmets are a work of art and he gets the weathering done correctly. No one else has come close.....

Helpful Links:
Check out his threads how to dremel and polish your own helmet.

see the last post for info

Where to Buy: For the ACME........Contact me! The maker of the kits is not a rpf member and doesn’t have a website to reach him. I do not receive compensation or a percentage for how many people I refer to him. The same kits are offered through Monsters in Motion and another website, but I prefer you guys to skip the middle man and go straight to the source………….

The Helmet Liner:

The best helmet liner on the market was the Irish Jedi Helmet Liner. These were sold several years ago and very hard to come by.

The Cirrus X-3 aka the Rocket:

The next item on the list is the Cirrus x-3….This one will really make you cry because it is an expensive and long process. On record, the fastest time to put a pack together was less then 48 hours. Unfortunately, that was only one crazy and amazing finhead. Other packs estimation for completion range from a few months to a few years and counting……It really depends how motivated and dedicated you are……

The best and only kit available is the Acme kit. The kit will run around $1,000 not including shipping and handling. Like the helmet, this is only a kit. Paint, dremeling, and other accessories are required for completion.

Helpful Links: A guide How to complete the rocketpack and places to find accessories:

Where to Buy: Contact me. Same as above

Rocketpack kit estimate 1, 000 not including shipping


A finished rocketpack (mine)



The Jacket:

Here is the tricky part. The best jacket on the market is the Predicta Jacket. After comparing it to other jackets and the hero jacket, this jacket is by far the most accurate jacket. It is the king of all jackets. Nothing comes close to it’s beauty. Unfortunately, the jacket is hard to come by. Finheads who own them refuse to sell them and the maker is no longer a member of the forum. The jacket cost $800 and it was definitely worth every penny. The jacket cost a lot of money to produce, so taking individual orders is too costly. They would have to be made in a few batches. Kinda difficult finding 5 or so people willing to pay $800 for a jacket, so I would consider this item retired. You can try looking on ebay, but they rarely ever pop up.

Predicta Jacket: I’ll Post more pics later

Other Jackets: Since the most accurate jacket is hard to come by and somewhat not available anymore, you have to look at the other options. Unfortunately, price doesn’t necessarily mean accuracy or quality.

My second recommendation is trying to find an abbyshot jacket. The jacket is no longer available on the site, so trying to find this jacket is difficult as well. There were two versions available: the rocketeer jacket ($675) and the jet jacket ($550). The jet jacket was their basic jacket that lack several details.

Helpful Links:
Jacket Pics

Abbyshot website:

Abbyshot Jacket:


Chances of finding old WW2 flame retardant jodphurs are slim……so there is a company that custom makes the pants for you. Most finheads use this company for their pants. However, the material they use does not match the screen used pants. The pants run about $100….Not sure if the price went up or not…..They even call them the rocketeer pants…..They are easy to work with and very friendly….

Where to Buy:



The rocketeer boots are Calvary riding boots/ german ww2 boots / equestrian boots/ etc etc other known as Dehners.
Be careful on which company you purchase these from.......I recommend purchasing the boots through Dehner. The boots are about $800-$1,000. These are the most accurate boots…..They receive great feedback.

Ebay is a helpful site as well. You can find old ww2 calvary boots for about $100.....only difficult part is finding them in the right size...

I DO NOT recommend Motorcowboy…..the coloring is off and the customer service isn’t that great. Sometimes, the boot is smaller than what you order. When you contact them with your concerns, they ignore you. Buyer Beware.

The second boot I recommend is the magnoliclothiers field boots. They are $595.00. They are not as nice as the Dehners, but they are still great.

Where to buy: The Dehner Boot Company
Field Boots

Helpful Link: One of our member’s purchased the dehner boots. Checkout his thread for pictures and his 1:1 scale rocketeer costume display


Probably the biggest pain out of the entire costume. The leather can get costly and trying to commission some-one to make one is costly as well. I been quoted from $800 to $2,000. Insane prices, but the harness is time consuming. I recommend trying to do this one yourself. I see several finheads make their own, and they turned out great.

Helpful Links: Leather Company
Tandy Leather Factory - Leathercraft and Leather Craft Supplies

Check out a fellow finhead's leather harness. Absolutely amazing!


too much to write on these, but check this thread for information. Utinni did an amazing job crafting the gauntlets. There is a ton of helpful information to help you out. This thread comes in handy because Utinni shows off his completed Rocketeer Costume: One of the best costumes in the finhead community.
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Budget Rocketeer Time!!!!!!

I’m pretty sure most of you guys are interested in the budget rocketeer costume instead of the screen accurate costume or interested in finding a middle ground between the two evils.

The helmet:

I still recommend the Acme helmet. In the end, you can always display your helmet. It doesn’t require much work, and having the most accurate kit for $200 is a steal.

Another helmet I recommend is the Oz helmet. Version 1.0 aka the budget helmet kicked the bucket. He recently reworked some flaws and remolded the helmet. Version 2.0 is now available in the junkyard for $180

Helpful links to complete the Oz Helmet:

Where to Buy: ACME me
Oz Helmet

Oz Helmet Version 1.0: (Version 2.0 is now available)

The helmet Liner:

Valor makes a great helmet liner for $80....These are the only helmet liners being offered to the public since Irishjedi doesnt make his version anymore...

The Cirrus X-3:

This is the tricky part for a budget Rocketeer Costume. The rocketpack can make or break your costume. It really depends on your budget, but there are several tutorials online about scratch building your own pack.

Plus, if prepakura is your thing, then you can try doing that as well.

Helpful Links:

Hikz thread:

MrPinski thread:

Valor thread:

TimeyWimey thread:

The Rock-a-who thread: Comic Version of the Rocketpack

another pack made out of crab floats

The Jacket:

There are several budget jackets available. However, most are made in a foreign country or in the uk. This item is a Buyer Beware item. Be careful who you are purchasing from. Make sure to fully research the company before purchasing!

The South Beach Leather Jacket is $199.32 and can be found on their website : New Page 1

Th SBL leather is known for stealing pictures from other sites and using them as their own. They have multiple ebay user names on ebay. The pictures below are taken of my jacket that I received from them.




The Wested Jacket used to be one of the top contenders back in the day, but I think they had dropped the price to compete with the other lower end jackets. The jacket costs $365.32. The jacket is produce in the UK. You can purchase it from their website:
Rocketeer Jacket

I am not sure if the jacket is the same quality as the original wested jackets. Since they are trying to compete with other companies, I am not sure if they cut out a few details to lower costs. Previously, the jacket was over $500.


The Pants:

Khaki or tan pants work perfectly. I recommend getting the pants a little baggy to give off a little jodphur look. You can find these in department stores or local walmart stores.

The Boots:

Jedi Boots!!!!!!!! Cheap Halloween Jedi Boots are your best bet. They range from $30-$70 dollars. You can find them on ebay and different Halloween websites


The Harness:

I used a construction worker harness that you can find at a home depot.

Here is a budget costume I slapped together at last minute.
It includes wolf morgan helmet, south beach leather jacket, 1aeil pants, jedi boots, construction worker harness and a scratchbuild rocketpack.

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Grahh Im not even finished with my Fett and I have a sudden urge to make a "close 2" Screen accurate Rocketeer costume
It must be some thing about the helmet and jet pack and a gun Im drawn to

Thanks for posting this itl be a great help

Just an FYI,You for got to add pics of theinterior of the screen used helmet :thumbsup

Also does the Acme lid come with the fin attached,
and apart from the casting flaws and warbles in the OZ helmet how much difference is there between the 2 I,ve spent quite a while scrutinzing the welds and they seem to have simler shapes though Im only looking at the pics of the Acme
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Wow, it's expensive to be The Rocketeer. Thanks for sharing everything you've discovered.
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Nice job ER!

Yup, the finhead costume is insanely pricey to do. I think I've spent in the neighborhood of $3,500 on mine so far and need to dump another ~$2500 or so to get it to the point I want- correct boots, possibly new jacket, new harness and gauntlets, finish ACME helmet. It will be an ever updating costume for me.

I've been collecting parts for years, so it wasn't a crazy investment all at once. I was able to get my costume at least presentable to me for Cons, and I went for it. A couple finheads in the community nit-picked my costume apart for inaccuracies, but you know what... screw 'em! I've been able to finally wear the costume and enjoy myself doing it, while I know I will continue to update it as I go. How many Rocketeers do you see around at Cons? At SD Comic-Con I've only known of 1 other that's had the ACME pack, 1 with the comic book pack, and 1 or 2 with just the SB jacket and MR helmet. And 2 maybe 3 at Dragon Con. What I'm saying is, start small with the costume and build it up! I don't know if he still does it, but ACME did part out the pack kit when I bought mine a couple years ago. I bought the main pack and then slowly ordered the remaining kit parts from him, so it wasn't the $1,000 all at once.

As for certain parts, specially the jacket, I'd say get what is available now and what you can afford! Yeah the Predicta jacket is seen as the best ever fan-made jacket, there's 1 or 2 things that aren't accurate on it and it's basically unavailable, as is the Abbeyshot. So right now, for a nice quality jacket I'd say shoot for the Magnoli jacket, I'm looking to switch to that jacket soon. Yeah there's a couple inaccuracies to the hardcore finheads, BUT I think it's the best one currently available.

After Comic-Con I'll start my overhaul on my costume, a particular new major piece fell into my lap and my love of the costume has re-energized me to get things rolling again! ER and myself have talked about collaborating on a end-all Finhead archive/tutorial website, so hopefully we can get that finally started soon! And will help fellow hopeful finheads to start building!

- Jeff
Hey finheads, if you have suggestions on improving the pattern of our Secord Jacket, please feel free to pass them on (especially if ordering as this is really the only time we are able to update our patterns concretely).

Kind regards,
there are some uber acurate boots on the fle bay , how ever they are going for $4500 ,
not much help I know but nice to look at
After Comic-Con I'll start my overhaul on my costume, a particular new major piece fell into my lap and my love of the costume has re-energized me to get things rolling again! ER and myself have talked about collaborating on a end-all Finhead archive/tutorial website, so hopefully we can get that finally started soon! And will help fellow hopeful finheads to start building!
- Jeff

Same here, I definitely cant wait :love

Now, I have motivation to finish off my costume and create a 1:1 display.......I think the only time i will be wearing it is for photo-ops at griffith observatory and bigelow airfield.....Our costumes will be the best costumes out there.......

As in the website, hopefully we will get the ball rolling faster on it which will incorporate the finheadcentral and give it a new home and face lift
As an alternative for the jodphur pants, has anyone looked at these: What Price Glory - US Army Officer wool breeches in drab pink shade

My plan is to purchase these for mine, but I was curious how accurate these are to the movie.

The look similar to the version you have linked above at theatrical custom costumes historical military rental guns clothes cater civil war historical western but I don't know if they're from the same company or not so I wanted to throw another reference out there for the pants.
We make breeches as well and can make them as flared as you like. The sample pair shown on the site were made with very little flare as requested by the customer:

Aviator Breeches by Magnoli Clothiers

And, since these are made-to-measure, we can certainly get all of the detail 100% accurate if provided.

Kind regards,
Thank you for the tutorial EvilRocketeer! I was amazed to see how many die hard finheads there were out there...especially on this site! Seems everyone here is out to help the other. Maybe one of these days I can return the favor!
Good day

I hope all is well,I'm interested in gathering a full rocketeer outfit. Would you be able to point me in the right direction ?
This thread may have given me some new motivation. I've had an Acme rocketpack in storage since about 2007 or so. I never built it, maybe I'll have to do some work.

there have been several calvary boots selling cheap on ebay...i pick up a pair for only $100...great way to save over $500 that could be used for the rocketpack or other gear

plus they are pretty accurate especially the ones that were made during that period

pics of the calvary boots

Those are awesome!
And only $100:eek
I'm saving up to order a pair of Dehners right now, myself.

Other than Magnoli (or DIY), is there anywhere else to buy the pants? The link at the top of the page doesn't work anymore.

Also -- for anyone thinking about saving up for a Predicta jacket: he no longer makes them. I waited for over a year, e-mailing him back and forth, waiting for another order or two so he could have a small batch of them made. Finally, he asked for my measurements, and sold me the prototype jacket since it fits me perfectly.

I may take a stab at making them in the future, if I can find an adequate leather.

Dehners is the best....I will eventually purchase Dehner boots in the near future.....the calvary boots were purchased for my mannequin......they are amazed how cheap they sell on ebay....

the jodphur company is still in business....i guess its a bad link...try this
theatrical costume custom military rental costumes-period historical period jodhpur ridding breeches

or you can contact them here:
519 IH30 st222, ROCKWALL,
TEXAS, 75087
Tel: 972 - 226 9933

congratulations on the predicta jacket.....they were the best jackets that were offered on the market....nothing comes close to it......there is a huge difference in quality and the other jackets that are available
All I can find are how to put the jet pack together and where to get the little parts.... What I'm not seeing is... Where can I find the Jet Pack to start with? Is anyone still making the dang thing? A link to where to get it would be awesome.
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