Scratchbuilt Research Vessel WIP - New Member Introduction!

I've decided to put a fork in this build and call it done, lol. I got some beauty shots of it, and even made up a custom profile sheet. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement with this build! I have a lot of video footage to edit for this as I recorded the whole build process and will be posting it on my YouTube channel. I'll let you all know when the video is done. I am also looking forward to the next build, which will be a diorama of the first planet surface this "crew" will explore. I also included an N-scale couple on the base to show the scale of the vessel. Here is a quick link to a 30 sec video I made of the ship "hovering" near Fallon, Nevada.

Pathfinder Profiled - 8x11tif.jpg
Well done Russ.
Thank you!!
Very good:cool::cool:(y)(y)It's almost an "Out of the factory" type of vessel (not much wear & tear;)) As for the video; I would've liked to see the ship better and bigger. It would've been impressive compared to the humans (y)
Thanks Joberg! I totally agree on the video part too. My wife and I actually headed out to do some video of it on Saturday but it was so windy that the ship almost blew over on its filming stand . I'll definitely be doing some more video for the forced perspective aspect soon!!

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