Red Hood Helmet (Batman: New 52)


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So this is my first build, so yeah.
I got the stl files from Thingiverse, and printed them in separate parts. I attached them with Crazy Glue and fixed the seams with wood filler.


I then primed it with grey rusteoluem body filler, and then painted it with rustoleum red spray paint. Then I weathered it with raw and high Sienna.
I'm about to finish one of these - printing it in one piece. What did you use for the lens? Photos I'm finding indicate the character has white eyes, so I'm debating using some white screen or mesh instead.
Thanks! I'm thinking I'm going to try some white mesh, folded over. I've printed mine in one piece, so there's no back to hold on. I have some old ski goggles - I may see if the lens can be trimmed.

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