red hood

  1. TheRealTalon

    Red Hood One way Visor??

    So I'm thinking of making an arkham knight/red hood build, but I need to be able to see through the red hood helmet, which has no eyeholes. Ill be 3d printing the hemet most likely, so I could leave some holes to put some acrylic lenses in or something, but when I paint it, I don't want to be...

    Red Hood Cosplay Foam Chest Armor Tutorial

    I made this tutorial showing you how to build a Red Hood Cosplay Chest Foam Armor It's a follow up to the Red Cosplay Hood Helmet Tutorial found on the Heroes Workshop Youtube channel that I made a week ago. Please have a look and I hope it helps you out.

    Red Hood: Rebirth Cosplay Foam Helmet Tutorial

    Hey everyone, I put together this Red Hood Cosplay Foam Helmet Tutorial using Pepakura file templates and EVA Foam. I also have a Generic Chest Foam Armor Tutorial coming soon to go with this helmet. Check out the video if you'd like to make your own Red Hood Helmet