1. M

    Star Wars FS: Darth Vader machined aluminum helmet reveal parts

    I will no longer be pursuing my Darth Vader costume or display builds, and am starting to list parts for sale: For sale is a single lot of the following vader_doctor ROTJ Darth Vader machined aluminum helmet reveal parts. Includes - forehead set - linkage set - dome rings - dome keys -...
  2. 00jimmyd00

    Star Wars TRamp headset

    I'm letting my TRamp helmet communication system go. This is a pretty awesome system, I've copy and pasted the info from the original ad. Please check the pictures and ask any questions prior to purchasing. TRamp (short for Trooper Amp, and pronounced "tramp") is the only fully integrated (or...
  3. behnt

    More free plans for templar-crusader helm(s)

    Here are the build videos Here you can download the plans for the helms Crusader Helm plans for FREE!
  4. mugatu

    Star Wars FS: 3D Printed DEATHTROOPER HELMET

    Hello. I am selling my recently acquired DEATHTROOPER HELMET. This badboy is 3D printed, THICK, and HEAVY. This is one solid helmet! If you have a large head, this one is for you! And if you are clumsy, this is the one for you too! If you need proof of just how solid this helmet is, PM me...
  5. Jmvgreek1

    My 3d printed BSG Helmet

    Here is pictures of my 3d printed helmet by andrew Pattenden.
  6. deadvision

    Fallout 3 T-45 helmet kit

    Razorfly Studios T-45 Helmet kit for sale. Need to finish other projects and don't really have the time for this one. Looking for 200 plus shipping. (30 US)
  7. TomRM

    Darth Revan 3D printed helmet

    Hey all, I've finally got to making my first prop. It's going to be a personal take on Revan's mask. Now, for Revan it always made more sense to me that it'd be a helmet instead of a mask, as he took it of a mandalorian with a jetpack, I think you'd want full protection all the way around...
  8. Akilo101

    Best material for Iron Man Helmet

    Hey all, I am looking to try my hand at creating another Iron Man helmet, but want to make it as realistic as possible. The main methods I am looking at are -3D printing -Pepakura I also plan to make a mold and then cast the final helmet before I start to add electronics and such If you have...
  9. oblagon


    No international sales Shipping is FREE Had a buyer back out on me, so this is back up for sale at a reduced price Selling my Anovos Rey Helmet. Mint condition, never worn just been on display since I purchased it Comes complete with the brown shipper and original packaging. This STAR WARS...
  10. Kazac

    Advice on augmenting a brass and steel helmet

    I have a helmet that has a nose piece I want to remove. The helmet is primarily brass but the nose piece has a thin piece of steel reinforcing it. I would like to cut the nose piece so the front of the helmet is flat. Any advice on tools or helpful resources? Thank you in advance! Update: the...
  11. M

    Helmet material ideas

    Hi, i want to make a original helmet from a resistant material, that’s not of foamy, I have a couple of ideas of results I wanna reach, thanks for your help.
  12. tmax

    Unlimited Run Rocketeer X3 Rocket Pack & Helmet kit - On hold.

    This run is now on hold. The Do3D files are not up to our standard and we have opted to redesign this ourselves from scratch. When we are ready I will reopen the run. T. On offer here is a full-scale 3D printed kit of the Cirrus X4 Rocket Pack and Helmet from The Rocketeer. We will be...
  13. Mpashuk

    EFX Battlestar Galactica Viper Helmet

    looking for anyone interested in selling a EFX battlestar galactica viper pilot helmet, I’m in UK but willing to pay shipping. I have an degostini millennium falcon all 100 parts and mags plus 100a, wall bracket, Han Solo statue and t shirt but only can ship uk it is large and heavy if anyone...
  14. JazZeke

    Power Ranger Helmet Painting Advice?

    I got a used Red Ranger helmet that's overdue for a new paint job and I've decided to take the plunge. However, I've never done anything like this and I'm not sure where to begin. Will spray paint do, or should I spring for a paint sprayer (my dad already has a compressor)? Either way, what...
  15. GoldPointProps

    Making A Fallout t-51b Power Armor Helmet Out Of Steel

    hey everyone! for my next project I am going to be making a t-51b power armor helmet from the fallout games! I am using the power armor edition helmet as reference. and I will be using 18 gauge mild steel for most of the metal work. I am starting with the back part of the helmet since it has...
  16. DeferredDefect

    2001 Space Helmet Resources

    Hi all, I'm new to the forums, and am looking for some info on a project I'd like to start in the new year, being a replica of the space helmet used in 2001 A Space Odyssey. I'll be CAD modelling and printing the shell, and I'm looking for any resources. So far I've found some photos but no...
  17. Dieguito31

    Iron-Man MK42/43 paper build

    Hi everyone, here is my Iron-Man mk42/43 project i started 3 years ago, the armor is almost complete in 190g paper (I have to redone the Abs part), i've started the polyester filler process 2 months ago.
  18. thorssoli

    Limited Run Range Trooper Helmet Kits from Solo

    A while back I started working on these beauties Here's a pic showing the fit on my normal, human-sized head: You can see more of my progress photos in this flickr album: Range Trooper Helmet The chin and nose greeblies are cast separately: I'm offering raw cast kits at $210 plus...
  19. R

    Modding Skydiving helmet to make Mech helmet

    Hey how's it going, For almost ten years I have been trying and failing to make a semi original prop helmet using a variety of methods the latest being 3d printing. I have criteria for what I want the piece to have: 1. overall comfort 2. ventilation 3. as much viability as possible 4...
  20. yostevec

    Need help with ANH Vader Helmet and Saber

    So I've been wanting to build an ANH Vader for a while and I have the Heiland flash handle, but I need to get the other parts to add. I would prefer to use original parts, but I'm not too picky about using replica parts. plus the Heiland is missing the it's clamp Also I have a helmet kit, but...
  21. Welmanshire

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie '95 Helmets

    I finally moved into a house with a workshop again and got these out of storage now I can work on them again. The Black Ranger helmet is a cast from the production mold that I obtained from one of the prop makers that worked on the film a few years back. The cast was rough due to the mold...
  22. itsgreg

    Space helmet (just for fun!)

    I made this a while ago just for a bit of fun & thought I already had posted it here, but I guess I forgot.. One day build, made out of any old junk I could find lying about. Anyways hope you like it!
  23. galactica helmet

    galactica helmet

  24. galactica helmet

    galactica helmet

  25. galactica helmet

    galactica helmet