1. JonnyT

    Backdraft (1991) Firefighter’s Helmet

    I’m looking to replicate the firefighters helmet worn by Kurt Russell in the movie Backdraft. (Either the one he wears while he’s playing Stephen McCaffrey or the older style helmet he wears at the opening of the movie when he’s playing his father Dennis McCaffrey.) As I understand it, these...
  2. The Cog

    Anovos Snowtrooper Helmet

    Doing a large cleaning out of my shop. Starting to pull things off my shelves that aren't projects I'm working on, or props I'm going to be buried with! I have enough personal helmets that I need to finish and display... I can let this one go. Displayed only. Selling at a fair price with free...
  3. Halkenguard

    Caudillo Helmet and Overlord Armor - Star Citizen

    In this thread, I'll catalog my build process for the Caudillo "Hazard" Helmet and the Overlord "Stinger" armor from Star Citizen. Say what you want about the game's development or content, but the props and costumes in the game are incredibly detailed and some of my favorite. Caudillo...
  4. TheCyberHobbit

    I made a remote controlled motorized Iron Man helmet. My first 3d printed helmet.

    I hope this is ok to post here. I recently made my first 3d printed helmet that is remote controlled and has a motorized face plate. I know I know lots of people have made these but this was my first and I wanted to share. I'm also new to RPF and I don't see a way to share a video other than a...
  5. torsoboy

    Dredd Helmet

    Selling my fully finished Dredd helmet. My own sculpt from years back. Complete with inner padding and hard hat liner. Asking $150 USD shipped. Payment via PayPal, claim via DM. (I'm not utilizing the embedded PayPal form on this sale.) US buyers only, please. I'm not shipping internationally...
  6. D

    Adjusting Vader Helmet dome Height/position

    Say you buy an ANH Vader helmet with a traditional dome mount type of system with the two rings that sit in each other, Now we know in the films vaders dome position changes form scene to scene, but this mounting system doesn't allow for any adjustment. If you theoretically you wanted Vaders...
  7. SteelDragon

    Star Wars Custom Mando Helmet

    I am selling my custom Mandalorian helmet, as I have used it for years, and don't need it anymore. I am asking $150, but feel free to make an offer as well.
  8. Kylash

    Star Wars JSIN Props Mandalorian Helmet Alumaluster

    Selling my JSIN Mando helmet. Painted with alumaluster just like the real ones. Don’t remember which version this is but I got it about a year ago. Has some imperfections from his mold, visible print lines that weren’t cleaned up on his master under a few lips, but overal very clean. Just been...
  9. eobard

    Show me your RS TIE (Hero) pilot helmets!

    Hello! I've been mulling --- for quite a while --- which would be my first TIE pilot helmet, and it finally came down to RSpropmasters or SDS / Shepperton. It was close, until I learned that RS came out with the Hero faceplate. The Hero!! Legend has it that it was from an actual ANH TIE...
  10. craigjohn

    Star Wars EFX Mandalorian Helmet Season 1

    EFX Collectibles Mandalorian Helmet Season 1. LFL Officially Licensed - Limited Edition: #68 of 750 Master patterns cast from the molds used to make the screen-used helmets. NO DIGITAL SCANS! Made in high quality, hand-laid fiberglass Fully padded interior Full Scale 1:1 Prop Replica Helmet...
  11. syborwolf

    Made a Thulsa Doom Helmet (Conan The Barbarian)

    Well, a few weeks ago I decided to try to build a Thulsa Doom helmet out of EVA foam. I’ve never made anything from foam before, so I figured it wouldn’t be easy. Especially with the intricacies of this particular helmet. After many trial and error, learning experiences, I’m finally close to...
  12. skoota73

    RS Prop Masters 10th Anniversary HDPE ESB Stunt Helmet

    Hi. I am letting go of my RS Prop Masters 10th Anniversary HDPE Stunt Helmet. The stand and certificate of authenticity is included. This ESB helmet has the screen accurate screen printed decals. The stand has never been assembled. If you are interested, please reach out to me first for shipping...
  13. Gojira72

    Shin Kamen Rider(2023) 3D Print Cosplay(WIP)

    So in preparation for Shin Kamen Rider coming out next year I have been over the past little while have been trying to replicate the helmet. The base of the Helmet was a 3D print from RAProduct3D on Etsy. The files came with forms for the eyes that I am currently smoothing out and preparing to...
  14. Vekzer

    BS Mandalorian Helmet Rework

    Hi all, I recently picked up a Black Series Mandalorian helmet and after seeing all of the inaccuracies, I decided to have a play! Before I committed to reworking the helmet, I thought I'd give the helmet a clear coat. Just to see if I could replicate Adam Savage's results, because, why not...
  15. skoota73

    Anon Prototype HDPE Stormtrooper Helmet

    Hi. I am letting go of my Anon Prototype HDPE Stormtrooper helmet. Believe this was one of Anon's test helmets. Never worn. Only displayed. Please take a look at the pictures below for condition. Looking to make more room in my collection. If you are interested, please reach out to me first for...
  16. Galifreyscall

    Getting a pure black visor with RIT dye?

    I'm working on finishing a Daft Punk Guy-Man helmet from Moguai props, and I'm at the point of dyeing the visor. I've seen that "black" RIT dye will actually come out a bit brownish-red on visors, but I remember seeing a thread on the late Daft Club forum that had a solution to this by adding an...
  17. joevader

    My GH ROTJ Vader helmet kit WIP

    Hello. I just got this gorgeous GH ROTJ helmet kit from Tony Le. I'm going to trim, adjust the dome skirt a little, paint and finish this bad boy. I'm thrilled to share this journey. Cheers! (y)
  18. bummer6

    Interest interest! The Rocketeer (1991) cold cast bronze helmet UPDATE: not taking orders at the moment.

    Hello everyone! Since I successfully made the mold for my rocketeer helmet, I've started experimenting with cold casting and I've gotten to a point where I'm confident I can reliably produce cold cast helmets. I need to buy a new batch of resin plus metal powders and tints to start producing...
  19. Rusty 714

    Injustice 2 custom flash cosplay

    Hi everyone. I am going to be cosplaying this custom version of The Flash from Injustice 2 Let's call him Wally West. If all goes well my plan is to make a muscle suit under a tight grey shirt and grey pants. Then I will sew the details on, and put EVA foam pads on the chest, boots, and arms...
  20. Zinger

    Proto Man Helmet

    In mid-2019, I took a commission for a custom Proto Man helmet. I was supposed to deliver it at MAGFest 2020. I missed that date but thought I just needed another month or two. Then COVID hit and the world turned upside down. My Makerspace closed down. All the cons were canceled. Even leaving...
  21. UtanteV27

    Willem Dafoe GREEN GOBLIN HELMET on the cheap by Rehauling an Xcoser Helmet!

    Hey Everyone! I have spent alot of time looking into Raimi Goblin Helmet replicas and, there's not many option, you can buy a $300 3d printer and a $30 stl file, you can spend a Thousand on an etsy one, most being slightly inaccurate, or, you can spend 80 bucks on an old Xcoser goblin mask and...
  22. Kobeque

    Dune 2021 Sardaukar helmet and costume

    Hey, just starting up a thread on the Sardaukar costume from the new Dune film, I couldn't find one but please let me know if I missed it. I really like the design and silhouette of these suits and especially the helmets, although they can look a bit bulky in some shots. The suits were designed...
  23. Mogul42

    Sintra Iron Man Helmet Build

    Hello, I recently posted my Star Wars respirator masks I made out of Sintra. They were a lot of fun to build. I am continuing my work in Sintra. I'm refining my technique and what not. In the age of 3d printers I still have a huge sheet of Sintra and it's an interesting medium. I'm starting on...
  24. S

    Kylo Ren helmet from Disney Store mask (not Black Series mod)

    This is my Kylo Ren helmet based entirely on Disney Store's mask, i.e. it's not the popular fusion of the Black Series helmet and Disney's mask. Links: DeviantArt (helmet and lightsaber) RPF post on my modded Disney Store lightsaber TL;DR In short the mask has been made into a whole...
  25. supermansteel

    I need help creating a replica of the Rebel pilot helmet for the X-Wing ship. ANH (1977)

    Hello community of the RPF forum, I need help with a pattern to create the cardboard helmet of the rebel pilot of the X-Wing ship from the movie Star Wars: A New Hope (1977). As well as reference images and their real measurements since I cannot find data to create my helmet as close as possible...