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  1. Superman

    Ironman vs Joker helmet

    It’s been awhile since I posted here but thought this would go perfect to show off my latest Build. WHAT IF ...,,,, the Joker got his hands on Stark technology...specifically the Ironman suit. What would that look like? This is how I picture it. The IronJoke helmetis painted in the Jokers...
  2. sketcherdan

    Trojan Warrior Helmet (Troy , 2004)

    Selling my Trojan warrior helmet from the movie Troy (2004). This is a great piece from the movie. Bought in 2015 from the Propstore of London, and comes with their certificate of authenticity. Made in cast rubber, it is flexible and wearable and shows signs of being used in battle scenes...
  3. machzeropoint2

    NASA S1035 (ACES) Helmet Planning and ITAR

    It started as a really cool gift idea, and begged the question how hard could it be to find a space helmet that doesn't look like a fishbowl turned upside down. Oh how quickly and deeply the rabbit hole went. In the process of fleshing out this idea it seems the only way to make this come to...
  4. Smithsonian

    Full Metal Jacket Pvt. Joker Helmet

    So many years ago, I had the idea to start making replica helmets to display in my movie room. As much as I would like to buy an already made piece, there is more enjoyment in looking for authentic items used, making replicas, and attempting to be as close to the real thing as possible. When I...
  5. Rook

    XL Finished Fiberglass Mandalorian Helmet

    Hi! Continental US Bidders only, contact me before using the Buy button. I am selling my Finished XL Mandalorian bucket I got off etsy. I love it, but making room for some new toys, plus I could use the cash to procure said toys! The best thing about it is that I can't imagine there is a...
  6. SaiyanCookie

    Finishing a Mandalorian Helmet

    Hey there. This is my second time round finishing a Mando bucket and I figured I would document some of my builds and projects moving forward. This one is for a mate of mine. This particular design was by MinuteFett who has since sold his moulds (to who, I am not sure). It's fiberglass and one...
  7. krispikarim

    Interest Space X V2 Helmet Kit

    Hey yall, Would anyone be interested in Fiberglass kits of the Space X Dragon Helmet? This is the build thread to the original one I made, Link. Finished helmets can be purchased here, Link. Will update with kit info here soon. The pictures below are of my completed helmet, and are...
  8. Nanotyrannus

    Screen Used Jurassic Park and World

    Here are some really cool screen used Jurassic Park and Jurassic World in my movie prop collection, two of these from Jurassic Park are my top prized items in my prop collection! The weathered Jurassic Park hard hat was used from Colin Trevorrow's 2015 blockbuster sequel, Jurassic World. Zach...
  9. JKRIB

    DH-P FX Luke Skywalker X Wing Rebel Pilot Helmet Red 5 Darth Hair

    $340 + shipping (I need your postal code to see how much) X Wing Pilot Helmet! Luke Skywalker Red 5 version Complete and ready to wear. Created by Darth Hair aka DH-P/FX Made of ABS plastic. Features: Sliding, retractable visor Adjustable chin strap High quality decals and weathering...
  10. Damazo

    Another Black Series Luke helmet

    Hi, It's my first post on RPF. But I read this forum since a while! I recently purchase the black series X-wing helmet to modify. My goal is to do a quick project so I decide to not repaint the helmet. I just remove the "decals" and the weathering by sanding with fine sandpaper. I also re-drew...
  11. TK1625

    My Dak Ralter Helmet

    Hey everyone. I know I’ve posted a few pics of the helmet paint jobs I’ve done, all those pics and more are posted here: AllGeek2Me But between commissions, I’ve slowly been working on a helmet for myself. I’ve been so busy with other things; this helmet is going on 3 months now. I’ve always...
  12. Vader Helmet

    Vader Helmet

  13. Vader Helmet

    Vader Helmet

  14. Vader Helmet

    Vader Helmet

  15. Rebel Pilot Helmets

    Rebel Pilot Helmets

  16. Rebel Pilot Helmets

    Rebel Pilot Helmets

  17. Rebel Pilot Helmets

    Rebel Pilot Helmets

  18. Rebel Pilot Helmets

    Rebel Pilot Helmets

    Horrible lighting blew everything out :(
  19. N

    Guy Manuel Discovery Era Helmet Sculpt (PICS HEAVY)

    Hello all, I have started on tackling a daft punk helmet, Guy Manuel De Homen-Christo’s helmet. To be even more specific, which era of helmet? Discovery, Transition, Human after All, Tron, RAM??? The one that comes after RAM which is to be seen when they finish their next album. But it’s the...
  20. Saranyu00

    The Mark 49 , Helmet Rescue , Pepper Potts version by Appbaell

    The Mark 49 , Helmet Rescue , Pepper Potts version by Appbaell mini review Helmet rescue 3dprinter but the inner details i do myself for Realism size 57cm , 22" Material : Resin facebook : Iron man Industries instargram : Saranyu Somjai (@appbaell_studios) • Instagram photos and videos
  21. juajn7fernandez

    Juan's Stormtrooper helmet collection (Updated with RS Hero)

    So I've been meaning to do this for a long long time now, and I finally took the time to do it. Here is my Stormtrooper helmet collection so far. ( in no particular order) RS Hero first edition #8 (2020) RS HDPE from the first run ANH RS HDPE from the latest run (2017) ANH RS ABS...
  22. Poot Poster

    Rescue helmet from Avenger Endgame 1:1 scale wearable by Poot Prop

    Hello everyone I’m Poot prop maker from Thailand This project I start from 3D print file by Do3D.com Inner details handmade and design by myself Made of resin fiberglass
  23. Poot Poster

    Hall of helmets

    I start this project by 3D print file by Do3D.com But for all details Handmade work ( 80% Handmade) Inner details design by myself Made of resin and fiberglass
  24. R

    Custom X-Wing Pilot Helmet

    This is my first posting on the RPF. I just completed a DHPFX X-Wing helmet kit and custom paint job. I went with a heavily weathered and battle worn look. I learned a lot and enjoyed the process. I have a second bucket on order. ;)
  25. RowanDavies

    looking for Clone Trooper Phase 2 pep file

    Looking for a hd clone trooper phase 2 pepakura file.

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