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  1. Husker75

    MasterEdi Melted Vader Helmet

    Need to find a new home for my MasterEdi Melted Vader helmet. This was one of the first few batches back when TFA came out. It comes with a two part helmet and a small skull fragment that fits inside! It looks great in many types of lighting and is in perfect condition as it arrived. It has been...
  2. evoskater

    Starlord Helmet, Blaster, Rockets

    Selling the starlord helmet from the "Throcketeer" Run here on the RPF. The hlmet as finished and build from another member here.. can´t remember who it was s: I have deinstallen the old lenses and installed the Risu lenses +blue lenses behind the led rings. (the side led is not installed, but...

    Star Wars S.1 covert mando helmet

    Season 1 covert mando helmet up for grabs. I got this cast from Sean Bradley (costumedork on insta) and was painted by me.
  4. Psab keel

    Star Wars Endor Helmet Donut and Ear Cups

    This is a Rebel Donut Helmet Kit suitable for both the collector, trooper, or cosplay! The original Endor Rebel Trooper (ERT) helmets were vacuform plastic with just paint and decals to add details. It was a just what they had to work with back then. Since Rogue One redid the decals on the...
  5. jholt

    Taurus Studio Thor Ragnarok Helmet #/100

    hey gang! looking to sell my taurus studio thor ragnarok helmet from my private collection. looking for $1000 + shipping they only made 100 of these beauties. comes with original box and original brown shipper. thanks for looking! NOTE: these images are of the actual helmet. i sold a...
  6. spacemarine

    Marvel Legends Series Marvel Helmet Display Plaque

    100mm x 50mm x 0.5mm dye printed onto aluminium. Comes with a small acrylic stand that attaches with double-sided tape.
  7. eethan

    Star Wars Anovos Kylo Ren helmet

    Hi, I'm selling my anovos Kylo Ren helmet, as I received it, just removed the "made in china" label inside, couldn't stand it, sorry! price: 680€ + shipping I normally still have the shipping box and protections. confirm with me if you are seriously interested in buying ;-)
  8. Kylash

    Star Wars Rubies Deluxe Boba Fett Helmet

    This is a rubies deluxe from Target that I started to modify and haven’t had the time to work on. The sides were removed, some of the clips broke when they was done, and the various abs parts that make the main helmet were superglued together. It’s got some songs and scratches on the visor but...
  9. jholt


    Selling my EFX Scout Trooper helmet. As original box as well. Message me to purchase instead of using the buy option in the post. Thanks for looking!
  10. Kelvington

    Darth Ugly Vader Mask - Helmet by Bookface ANH C-Scar

    OK here is your chance to get an amazing Darth Ugly Vader Mask/Helmet by the incredibly talented Bookface. I regret the time has come for me to part with this piece. It was never worn, simply sat on my Vader shine for the last several years. Darth Ugly Vader Mask/Helmet By Bookface - $800...
  11. Kelvington

    Master Replicas Darth Vader Helmet Revenge of the Sith Version (Few Cracks/Scratches/Ding)

    I'm starting to sell off my Darth Vader collection. Here is the first piece. It's the Master Replicas Darth Vader Helmet Revenge of the Sith Version which has a few cracks, scratches and a ding in the neck. Which is why it's going for a reduced price. Please note I'm showing the...
  12. fries

    Iron man helmet that opens idea

    Anyone ever tried to make a helmet that opens? I don't mean exactly a mask opening, but the entire helmet opens and sort of retracts around your neck, like in the mark 46 but... realistic. Could something like this be doable with an array of servos, like pictured in the autoking mark 5 helmet?
  13. Mpashuk

    Battlestar Galctica Viper Helmet resin Kit new version.

    This is my new bsg classic style helmet very limited in number! I have updated and redesigned the inside of the classic viper helmet to fit my clear light bars and 32x 3mm leds to and bottom. There’s a clip which fits inside to hide the wires. Pics shown of the completed helmet, this is just for...
  14. karmajay

    Hasbro Marvel Star Lord Helmet

    Hasbro Marvel Star Lord Helmet - never displayed just tested so in new condition 135 + 20 shipped CONUS Thanks!
  15. karmajay

    Marvel Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Man Helmet

    Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Man Helmet - Not displayed just tested so in new condition.
  16. AnthonyD2199

    A Wing Helmet Replica

    I'm looking to find an accurate replica A Wing pilot helmet, I've looked online and the only vendor I can find online is Golden Armor who produces a replica that is very good but based on the videos and images I've seen looks a bit undersized compared to the original props, If that is simply an...
  17. Kiwimaddog

    HL:Alyx Combine Suppressor buildthread[CAD & 3D-print][FINISHED]

    So it's been a while but I though I should document my latest helmet-build here. This time it's the Combine Suppressor aka Overwatch that I decided to make. I've based my build on an extracted mesh from the game and built my helmet around that. I spent maybe 6months on and off working on the...
  18. Bendermite

    Iron Man Mk3 Helmet Build

    I've been wanting to build a good quality iron man helmet for a while now, and quarantine has finally given me the time to finish. I 3d printed a master on my ender 3 and built 3 molds to cast the parts. I then painted everything with and Iwata Neo airbrush and createx colours. Overall I'm...
  19. Nm1cciola

    Darth Vader Half Mask

    IDK this might seem kinda weird but I recently purchased as Hasbro Darth Vader Voice Changer mask with the intended purpose of making it a Half Mask with the said electronics in the helmet. I am looking to nix the voice changing option and just keep the breathing sounds and lines. I don't know...
  20. Kobeque

    Uruk-Hai swordsman helmet using EVA foam (ModulusProps)

    G'day! This is a recent project of mine, an Uruk-Hai helmet made completely out of floormat foam. I used an amazing foam pattern from Modulus Props, which can be found here: Uruk-hai Swordsman Helm, Lord of the Rings — Modulus Props This was a one-day project and it was a ton of fun! I tried...
  21. Ned Figglehorn

    Payday 2 Richard Returns "Jacket" Helmet Build

    This is a build that I did a few years back but I documented a decent amount of the build so I thought I'd share the build with all of you. I'm currently in the process of making a v2 helmet so I'll be sure to start a thread on that one as well! So lets rewind the clock to February 25th, 2015...
  22. Ned Figglehorn

    Marshmello "Ironhead Studios" Replica Helmet Build

    Hello everyone, I thought it'd be a neat idea to document my Mello build here on the RPF because I've noticed a lack of serious replica Marshmello related builds on places around the internet, which is surprising to me as over the years I've seen multiple in depth build logs of other masked DJ's...
  23. jholt

    Marvel Taurus Studio Thor Ragnarok Helmet #31/100

    hey gang i have a very rare piece for sale. a taurus studio thor ragnarok helmet. they only made 100 of these and they are absolute showstoppers. the wings move in unison with the roll bar in the back. it is heavy and incredibly well built. the photos attached are of one in my personal...
  24. Qui gons gin

    Building a Phase 1 clone trooper helmet, (customized 2008 Hasbro helmet) - lockdown project.

    Intro With the lockdown still happening I thought It would be a good time to share what the project I’ve been working on. Around last June, I’d seen someone online convert their old hasbro clone helmet, into the real thing! And I was inspired to make my own. After some experimentation, I was...
  25. Thain

    Ant-Man (Civil War) Helmet - Rocketeer Kit

    Rocketeer kit of the Ant-Man 2.0 (Captain America: Civil War) helmet. Really beautiful kit that I never got around to finishing. I'd worked on a few mods on the antennae, like fixing a bunch of air bubbles in the cast by gluing some styrene down over them. Some areas of the main helmet were...

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