Recaster??? Questian..!!

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Hey Brothers,
some Questians.
Im in the Lair in the Recaster List but don´t know why???!!!

Im a long Fan from much Costumes and have done many Deals with Guys from the Brotherhood of the Bat and some Guys over here.

I ever made stuff by my self only Buy and resell the Items that i pay for.
Never ever have sell a recast.
For long i have 2 Friends that sell recasts in my Name with much Problems I got.
But every one from that i know i talk to them and gave tham the Name of this ""friends""

For ALL the Stuff i Sell / Trade i got Pictures of Making this..

I hope to clear this Problems with you Brothers thats very Importand for me.
I will easery to make a new Accound with other Names to Trade with you , but i have nothing to Hide and want to clear this with you all.

Long time i make nothing with Sci-Fi 3 Years i made much much Stuff from Lord of the Rings and Pirets of the Caribbean.
Now i want come back with no Problems that i don´t make.

But i don´t know how i can show you that i´m ok??!!

Greetings and hope for Help.


The guys obviously have reason to put you there.. i don't know because i am unaware of what has happened bud kudis to you for coming on and trying get your name cleared... if you are innocent as you say you are i'm sure you will be able to redeem a level of trust in people.. be mindful tho... if people in here have been stung by you or as you claim your friend using your name.. dont expect a warm welcome.. but again kudos for making contact
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