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Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by Timey Wimey, May 23, 2015.

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    I'm making a Spidey Suit on another thread and while a wait for the items to drop by I've been working on editing a Ken Landrum pattern file to give an idea of what the suit will look like (it will not be made this way). I've reached a stumbling point and was hoping someone would show/tell/guide me on how to finish the webbing. I've tried using his Raimi Pattern File to assist me and it did help a bit but it actually made the suit too messy (even by a superior standard). I tried using the abundance of the Webb webs mixed with the angle of the Raimi webs to make the pattern file match this: 0.02 Superior Spider-Man 6-16 27.png I'm good with the All of the head, the Shoulders, Fingers (thumbs), Legs, Upper neck and Upper Back but I need assistance with the Palms, Chest & Lower Neck. Any ideas to give it this look? If it helps; with all the vertical lines I've done an extra line between every third & fourth Webb web. It is between every second & third for the Horizontal lines. I literally have a screenshot of every shot of the Superior Spider-Man with webs that match this style, that show enough detail to be worth storing on my computer. I'll post them if it helps.

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