Patrick Stewart says he would do Star Trek again!

I wouldn't mind see that. He can come in and destroy this JJverse garbage and put things back to right. I'll just have to settle for him on American Dad and doing random odd things on tv.
I've been watching Next Gen again on Blu and really love and miss the show.

It sucks the way the Next Gen cast went out, but you can never go back.

Their time has come and gone
Insurrection was the beginning of the dumbing down of Trek to reach a wider audience

No, no. It's not the dumbing down to a wider audience that hurt Trek. NuTrek fans will certainly tell you. What hurt the TNG films was self-indulgance. Patrick Stewart's performance in First Contact was so good he got creative credit for everything after. And sure enough, the original story for the follow up was shelved because Patrick didn't like it. Everyone else including the other actors, the studio and even Rick Berman liked it, but not Patrick, and he got it changed. Unfortunately circumstances creeped up that allowed that same mistake to happen again. After Insurrection, Stewart got involved with the successful X-Men movie and now he's regarded as a box office draw.

In summary, be careful with your success.
How about an eight to ten episode season on TV where Trek belongs, where they can take the time to tell the story and focus on the characters? Hell I would love to see a show about Riker onboard the Titan with Troi and new characters.
I don't think you should kill the idea because some of the movies were crap. The JJ movies are crap, but they keep making them. I'd much rather see the TNG cast come back with a really good story.
PIcard could help see off a new ship and crew on a new TV series, that could be cool if they go post TNG on a new series.
Maybe some TNG characters popping up now and then.

I don't want a TNG based film or series again.
That boat, errr... starship has sailed.
This is just like anyone who is interested in doing work for money. If the deal is right and all the right components are in motion to do it then of course!

Maybe Stewart is interested, but too many other pieces of the puzzle are the major reason another TNG film won't get made.

I would just take it with a grain of salt.
I'm content to leave it at All Good Things... and pretend like there never was any Next Gen movies.

They were all inferior to the show, in every way
First contact aside though, the next gen movies were nothing to write home about.

More insurrection and nemesis? No thank you.

You didn't mind when they actually did that in the JJ abrams STAR TREK. That's, what, 4 times they have done the same movie again?
What you talking about Willis?

OK, I'll mention a plotline: see if it doesn't' sound familiar

An enemy from the captians past resurfaces, and acquires a deadly and powerful weapon he intends to use to revenge himself against the captian and his federation.
After a great sacrifice, the old enemy is defeated...but at a great loss.

Same movie. FOUR times!

Extra points if you can rattle off the titles this plot was used in.
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