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    Hello to all the replica costume and prop builders out there. My name is ladman, and I have been a member of therpf for a few years now. I absolutely love this community. I started to get into prop and costume making back in 2012. My first build was the Iron Patriot. Since then i have worked on a few things here and there when time allows me to do so. For that reason i have started a little side business called Part time Props. It is just a place in social media where i can post finding, tutorials, and my work that i do. My goal is to become a one stop shop for information to help others and have fun.

    I wanted to start this thread to sort of link together a few of the threads i have out there all to one location and use this one as my primary thread to post things to. Some of the threads that i have out, are "dead threads", and by that i mean i had started projects but never had the time to finish them or even start them for that matter. They never got passed the research phase. With my new job that i have now, i will have way more time to work on things and post information.

    That being said, here are the links to my other threads that i have going on right now.

    Warmachine Files:

    My IP Build:

    Space Marine:


    FireFall Scratch Build:

    For some reason i can not get the Facebook link to work under my avatar, so

    Here is a link to my Facebook page:

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