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I'm a low-life interested in all things Dredd but also happen to be a bit of a tinkerer where props are concerned so it seems I'm in good company.


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Hello everyone from the RPF,

I'm from the greater Montreal region in Quebec, Canada
I've been cosplaying the Master Chief from Halo since the 2011 Haloween, it took me 2 and a half years to complete my MK VI.
In the summer 2012 I done a Grunt for my older son in EVA foam, to go with me at the MTL ComicCon.
I also did a Flood Infected version of the Master Chief for the Zombie Walk in October.

did some weapons Props to, Neddler, light up Plasma Grenade, Gravity Hammer(kit from Dogwizard on 405TH) the Sniper Riffle was made by a friend of mine Gorgot3000 a great friend and prop maker :)

here is my album of the stuf Ive made so far:
the RPF - CyberBen's Album: Costumes and Props

my next project is the Alien from the first movie :thumbsup

nice to meet you all :D


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Hey everyone,

My name is Ed and like everyone else posting in this thread, I'm new here. I'm not exactly new to costuming, I'm a member of both the 501st and the Rebel Legion, as well as a New England based pirate group.
My current costumes include a TIE Pilot from SW EpIV, a custom Old Republic Jedi based loosely off of SW EpIII Obi Wan, and Captain Will Turner from PotC AWE. I also have a Close Trooper from the Clone Wars animated series that hasn't been finished yet.

I'd like to start work on David Tennant's rendition of the 10th Doctor, I've started doing a little research on the costume and where to source at least the suit from. I'm at somewhat of a loss for his sonic though as I'd like to avoid toys as much as possible.

If anyone's feeling particularly nice and wants to shoot me a PM about where to find a nice quality sonic I'd really appreciate it, otherwise I'll so some searching tomorrow.

Thanks in advance and I'll probably be talking to some of you as I source parts for this and other costumes.



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Greetings folks I'm John from Delaware USA. I heard about the forum from a speech Adam Savage from Mythbusters gave at the XOXO festival. The speech was posted on a site called Geektyrants.com. I have always loved doing models and up until now have never had any time or space to do anything other then car and vinyl figure models. Looking forward to all the guidance and information the site will provide. This will be my first time doing this type of work so don't be so hard on me. . .lol.


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Hello RPF! My name is David and I am relitively new to the prop and costume building world. I am a senior in high school but I still have no idea what college I wish to attend. Much of my time is spent doing school and building things. I should also mention that I am home schooled which is a marvelous way to learn as it gives me the opportunity to pursue my passion of prop building and incorporate that into my education. I have always been handy and I like to work on cars, motorcycles, go carts and other machines. Props and costume making is something I have wanted to get into for some time now because it allows me to create something even if it is not a original idea.

I have built small props and costumes before but I have never devoted more then maybe 24 hours to build except for a few times. My first and only costume that took me a rather long while to complete was a set of paper samurai armor that was made in the traditional layering style. These days I like to work with EVA foam mainly because it is cheap. I am currently working on a Halo 4 Master Chief armor suit for Comic Con.

Anyway I look forward to my experiences on the RPF. Thanks.


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Hi Guys,
I came across this forum while I was searching the Net and also an artist recommended I check this place out.



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Adventurers Beware! Tall, dark, and dorky. Lady looking for partners in crime.

Your target dossier, Mr. Bond…

ALIAS: Sonya
AGE: 25
OBJECTIVE: Sack the globe. 40k armor.

Feel free to study my hard specs!

Crafty, sci-fi loving, energetic, seamstress.

Serial-friendzoner, crap foam N7 armor like everyone and their dog's.

Better ally than consort.
Corporate lady by day; goth girl by night.

If you've gotten this far,

I'm looking for help or direction regarding 40k flamer/meltagun/bolter/other builds.


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Hey I've been checking this site out ever since I heard Adam Savage mention it on one of his Youtube vids. I collect mostly horror stuff myself but I'm also interested in sci-fi and most other genres. I'm really excited to see what's what around here. -Tom


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Hy to all of you RPF members, my name is V, I`m from Romania and I like to make costumes. My first costume was The Big Bad Wolf and I made it back in `09, then came along Spidey, Jack Sparrow, Puss in boots and now I`m working on Iron Man mk7 suit. I also like 3d modeling, face painting and acting.
This is my Spiderman costume

and this is one of my threads
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Hello everyone,

I' m TEEDA from France, I' ve been checking this wbsite for almost 5 months now, just by curiosity but decided to sub to the forum to interact with you, awesome members that you are. S I decided to officially join after I found those interesting topics about the Nike Air Mag. Because I m a big fan of Bcl to the future, but not limited only to that one movie, I love everything back from the 80's 90's.
One of my most favorite movies is probably Terminator 2 : Judgement day, Back to the future series is next, and I Also love STar Wars and LOTR.
I collectionned few items like the Master Replicas FX lightsabers which were great. And now I m into Enterbay and Hot toys figure collection & sideshow collections.

I am also a big video game addict, I worked as a news writter and journalist on some video gamewebsites;Love Sci Fi as well, paranormal , and futuristic design things.

Nice to meet you all !

Lord Atrocity

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wasup all,

names john from jersey ( please dont hold that against me lol ). ive been lerking around here on the site for awhile, prob round 5 months now. ive dabbled in all kinds of mediums, except for the electronical world that stuff is like chinesse to me lol. im big into the wars and anything marvel. i have a few projects that im working on right now, kind of taking on to much to fast but oh well. i look foward to working with you guys and throwing around tips of the trade ...

its been real



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Hey there, I'm Jeff. I'm a film nut, mostly sci-fi/dystopian stuff, and I came here looking for people who are making replicas of Judge costumes from Dredd 3D. While I admire the workmanship featured here and would like to do it myself, I am in a full-time touring band and don't have enough time or resources. With that said, I am interested in commissioning a costume, so please PM me and let's discuss it!


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Hi everybody,

My name is Abel, I´m from Tenerife (Spain) but I´m living in Barcelona (Spain too). I´m scientist and I love the comic´s universe. I´ve been drawing comics for a long time and now I´m cosplaying some of my favourites heroes. Exactly Ironman Mark VII (mark Vi helmet).

For this I've done a research of the costume (reading lot of forums about it) and right now I feel I need your help. Size problems. I´ll post something soon.

Thanks in advance and remember ur my inspiration for get it.

Sorry but my english is not very good :facepalm


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Hi all, am jimbuntu, just start on building ironman helmet by following darkside501st thread. I hope to build the suit also.
Nice to be here..


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Hello everyone!

My name is Brian and I'm currently living in Pennsylvania. I, like many of you, was turned onto this site by Adam Savage and Tested.com. I am an electrical engineer who loves to tinker with things. I recently found that prop making (or at least replicating) is something I am very much interested in.

I consider Star Wars and LOST among my greatest obsessions. The only notable project I have completed so far has been a scratch build of a lightsaber. It's not a replica of any existing saber but my own personal rendition using found parts and scratch built electronics.

I look forward to being part of the community!


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Hi guy, I'm Shane aka PRMayhem
I have been cosplaying for the last 2 years as rangers from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Zeo series.
I've tried to get the most accurate and well made parts from the best prop makers.
I have done reviews on all the pieces and also a review on my (recently scrapped :( )
Batman Arkham Asylum cosplay, of which most parts were from ReevzFX.
I've been to a few of the London Expos (I live in London, England) and do charity/fundraising events and do Child Hospital/ Hospice visits during my time off of work.
Looking forward to reading up on some of the cool props/suits on here.
PR Mayhem - YouTube


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Hi guys!
I'm Tony, and I'm new here (kinda). I've been a lurker for a while and I've decided to join the community. I am interested in Star Wars props, especially lightsabers (in the process of purchasing a Graflex and possibly an MPP), Doctor Who, BTTF, and props from video games such as Halo, Skyrim, and Portal.

Here is a list of my costumes and props so far.
Finished Costumes:
The 11th Doctor
Link (OoT)
Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

MJOLNIR Mk VI pep armor (Halo)
Vault 101 Citizen (Fallout 3)

I look forward to being a part of the community.


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whatsup everyone i'm chris from nova scotia canada. i am a terminator fanatic i like anything terminator related which is how i found this site just trolling for terminator stuff the work ive seen on here is mindblowing. so if you have terminator cast let me know


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Hi all!
I joined about a month ago, I'm starting work on some fallout props.
Naturally I'm making a pip-boy and some Nuka-Cola first.
I'll post some pictures soon.