Interest Mek'Leth Run


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So I own the Kingsley Armoury and we make weapons as well as leather goods and shields. In a partnership with Van's Blacksmithing we have discussed doing a run of 10 (and only 10) Mek'Leth short swords. These guys will be sharp, made from a tool steel, tempered and heat treated with a proper handle pinned in place then wrapped with leather (customer can choose a nicer wood if they want or upgrade to antler or horn for that real savage look). They will be about 18" long and professionally made. They do not come with a sheath or display. The ones for sale on amazon are $250 US for a crappy aluminium one with a suede wrap on the handle. We will be selling these for $300 US plus shipping. I figured here would be a good place to gauge interest and either pull the trigger or do a different run. Any interest?