1. Fairy Tale Sword

    Fairy Tale Sword

  2. Red Sonja Sword

    Red Sonja Sword

  3. Red Sonja Sword

    Red Sonja Sword

  4. EvilOttoJr

    WIP: Modding AUTOGRAPHED Kill Bill Hanzo Sword W/O defacing signature

    Hi folks! First post here; I came here because I need the advice of experts and I know this is a good place to find them. Okay, here's the story: I have a replica of the Bride's Hattori Hanzo sword from Kill Bill that I had signed by Sonny Chiba (Hanzo-san himself) in 2019. (I made the Death...
  5. TheScratcher

    Dark Souls Bonfire Sword Metal Pendant and LED lamp

    Hi there, I´ve made (mostly filed) and hot blued a mendant (or decorative) Bonfire Sword from Dark Souls and also a janky LED lamp of the bonfire sword. Not sure how big the Souls community is on therpf but hopefully some of you can find some joy in it. :)
  6. Bojo Delta

    Original Design Fantasy Sword

    Hey everyone, Thought I'd put together a thread for the original design fantasy sword that I built for my final project for my honors degree. The prop was completed in Dec 2021 but I'm only getting around to posting about it now. I decided that I wanted to create an original design to...
  7. JShakespeare

    Making my custom Aragorn Andúril belt

    Hi all - first time posting here, but I've been lurking for many years. I collect all full-size things LOTR & Hobbit Just wanted to share a project I completed in lockdown, the Aragorn Andúril belt! I've made belts for the strider sword, glamdring, sting, and just had to have the Andúril belt...
  8. Buckethead

    Historically Accurate Sword of Gryffindor (Harry Potter Series)

    I have never been happy with the design of the Sword of Gryffindor in the Harry Potter movies. I'm a massive fan of the series, but also have a great interest in swords, and it got me thinking; what would the sword look like if it was actually (mostly) period correct. For anyone that doesn't...
  9. 0

    Master Replicas FX Sting Sword Repair?

    I recently pulled out my Masters Replica Sting Sword from storage and noticed the translucent paint has worn away on some parts of the blade. It's a super thin translucent silver paint layer on top of transparent plastic allowing the sword to glow blue underneath. Does anyone have any idea if...
  10. MurderBagel

    Feasible to Modify a Sword to Make Anglachel? (LOTR Prop/Functional Sword)

    Hey All, this is my first post around here, it's a pleasure to meet you all! I go by MurderBagel, and I've had an obsession with Lord of the Rings for the longest time, so since this is my first sword purchase I naturally wanted it to be modified to be based on one from Middle Earth! I'm...
  11. DaBuild

    The Book Of ELi: The MACHETE build video (metal)

    Hello people, Here's my latest build video. The Book Of Eli Machete! (I tried something new this time. I added some voice over. It's my first time so please indulge me :) ) Cheers! Dan
  12. DaBuild

    Peter Pan METAL Sword from 1991 Hook movie

    Hello fellow makers, Here's my latest prop build video. Peter Pan metal sword from 1991 Hook movie from Steven Spielberg. Cheers! :) Dan
  13. Jake Kassnoff

    Avatar Space Sword

  14. A

    Witcher TV Show Sword

    Can anyone help me identify the measurements (blade length, blade width, crossguard width, grip length, grip width) for the sword pictured here? I was told you guys are legends at this kind of thing.
  15. kingsley

    Interest Mek'Leth Run

    So I own the Kingsley Armoury and we make weapons as well as leather goods and shields. In a partnership with Van's Blacksmithing we have discussed doing a run of 10 (and only 10) Mek'Leth short swords. These guys will be sharp, made from a tool steel, tempered and heat treated with a proper...
  16. saint357

    Connie's New Sword - From Steven Universe

    So I am a huge fan of Steven Universe and i plan on busting out my Steven cosplay for Castle Point Anime Convention coming up in late April. I previously made Stevens shield and roses sword for it. they were some of my first foam props. While i was happy with the sword at first I've decided now...
  17. tiga

    WIP: CW Arrow Nyssa al Ghul

    I started researching this costume in late 2017, but aside from buying some fabric and getting samples, I didn't really start working on it than just recently. Costumes are widely available from China, but, as usual, they cut a lot of corners. Along with some images on the web, the season 5...
  18. xena10ares

    BANGARANG : The Pan Sword

    Hello RPF! After missing out on a Pan sword run that was done some years ago I decided to tackle it myself! Hook has always been my favorite movie, and after getting the INCREDIBLE hook replica from Sarednab a few years ago I knew I had to have the Pan sword! I ordered brass stock for the...
  19. Nibenon

    Nib's Jack Sparrow Baldric: en masse

    Hey all; long time no see. For as much as my participation on here has admittedly waned, I just can't keep away. At this point, though, I've become a professional craftsman, thanks in no small part to learning so much here. By day I do interior work on aircraft, and by night I sew and do...
  20. RyanDVJ

    Finn's Golden Sword (Wood) - Adventure Time

    Hello everyone, I'm Daniel from Venezuela and this is my first post in TheRPF. I am currently working on the golden sword of Finn from Adventure Time, made out of wood. This are the measurements of the sword: The blade is 50 cm long and 6,5 cm wide. Almost 2 cm thick. The point of the...
  21. Assorted Season 1 props

    Assorted Season 1 props

    Assorted season 1 props, including a copy of "Activating Evolution," the fake Godsend sword handle, and two "Vote Petrelli" buttons. Actual screen-used props photographed at Comic-Con San Diego, 2007.
  22. Master Sword (Skyward Sword Version)

    Master Sword (Skyward Sword Version)

    Artwork of the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda: Skyword Sword. Good gauge for size and details, poor gauge for color because it comes from a series of turquoise-tinted watercolor paintings.
  23. Master Sword (Twilight Princess Version)

    Master Sword (Twilight Princess Version)

    In game model of the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Best gauge for the color of the sword, and also good for the shape, but not good for judging size due to the odd angle. If you want to do the Twilight Princess version, use the Skyward Sword art to scale your...
  24. Sword


  25. Sword