1. Finns Forge

    Picard Season 3 Skulls For 3D Printing

    There was a home office shown in season 3 of Picard where some of the greatest characters of Star Trek had their skulls displayed as trophies. I needed them. I found that reaching out to art teams, and props departments were not going to get me anywhere so soon after the episode aired. Yet, as...
  2. ram4815162342

    Star Trek Insignia Shadow Box - UPDATE 8/27/22: Finished!

    UPDATE: Finished!! See Post #10 for the final result! Hey all, As I've been watching through season 2 of Discovery, having just finished Lower Decks and Picard in the past half-year, I was inspired to look at putting together a shadow box display of the most iconic insignia from the whole...
  3. Davidishida

    Star Trek Tricorder Mk X Build

    Just wanted to share my Tricorder build. This is going to be a Mark X build, from late Next Generation, Voyager, and DS9. The body is from Stapelton Productions (Stapleton Productions), and the electronics are from gmprops (by PropEFX). Both are incredibly well made and I recommend picking up...
  4. Jungell

    Need help identifying cap on Self Sealing Stem Bolt

    Hello! Apologies if it's rude of me to post a unique thread first thing. I've been trying to identify the end cap of a self sealing stem bolt, from Star Trek DS9. Renovations on the house calls for some and I'll probably need around 100 gross but I just can't figure it out. I've searched off...
  5. karlsharples

    Help. Star Trek transporter room. 2 week build

    Hi guys I need help, I’ve accepted a job to build a full size transporter room for a photo shoot, the license has come through paramount but they won’t give me any dimensions because the set I need to build can’t be from any specific series or ship. I have to build a generic transporter room...
  6. kingsley

    Interest Mek'Leth Run

    So I own the Kingsley Armoury and we make weapons as well as leather goods and shields. In a partnership with Van's Blacksmithing we have discussed doing a run of 10 (and only 10) Mek'Leth short swords. These guys will be sharp, made from a tool steel, tempered and heat treated with a proper...