1. DaBuild

    New Puppy to the collection: Ironman Mark1 steel Helmet!

    Here's my new addition to my collection. Ironman mark1 3.8 kg of steel! Really can't imagine how Tony would have handle a full suit ;)
  2. mugatu

    Star Wars FS: wannawanga STEEL MPP Single Step Shroud

    Hello. I am selling my steel Vader Saber MPP shroud replica made by roygilsing of Please ask any questions you may have and I shall try my best to answer them. Shipping to the lower 48 states of the US is included. I will ship internationally for an additional...
  3. W

    Captain America Heater Shield

    Hey there RPF. I'm setting out on a journey to create a heater shield to emulate Cap from the Ultimate Marvel Universe. He sports something reminiscent of an medieval shield as you may know and I don't intend to mess about with this particular prop, I'm looking for a steel. I understand that...
  4. Kazac

    Advice on augmenting a brass and steel helmet

    I have a helmet that has a nose piece I want to remove. The helmet is primarily brass but the nose piece has a thin piece of steel reinforcing it. I would like to cut the nose piece so the front of the helmet is flat. Any advice on tools or helpful resources? Thank you in advance! Update: the...
  5. General Zod by Creator1326

    General Zod by Creator1326

    Build thread:
  6. Creator1326 General Zod

    Creator1326 General Zod
  7. Little Men Of Steel

    Little Men Of Steel

    Custom Man Of Steel suits for my sons
  8. Kenobibale


    Man of Steel costume contest entry
  9. Captain America

    Captain America

    This was built Part by part from the Boots to the Shield all custom made by me. This was my first attempt in making any complete costume. Enjoy!