Mandalorian Reference Thread


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For anyone interested - I've gotten a lot done with my Blaster design (teaser render below) and I'm tracking the project over here.

wip25 complete external.png

I'm going to start the internals tonight, but I had an idea I'd like to get some of your thoughts on.

The Mando's Blaster has a rotating door on the right side - on the source firearm - it was where you loaded the ammo. I've designed my door to hinge and lock in place (using a bearing and magnets respectively), and I want to build something INSIDE the Blaster to take it a step further. Since it doesn't need bullets - I thought it would be cool to design a kind of power-source for the weapon with some LEDs and a red pulsing glow that turns on when the door opens!

What do you guys think?

I don't have any solid reference material for what power-sources look like in the Star Wars universe (best I've found is an old asset from the Dark Forces II game (1997). Look at it in all it's high-resolution glory! :p Anyone have any ideas or reference?


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I actually rather like that one. There's also the hint of one in the DL-44 cutaway blueprint, or Han's ANH belt stuffers. The piece above at least has the benefit of already having a red LED as part of the model.


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This looks INCREDIBLE. I want to work on the rifle so badly - but I convinced myself to do the Blaster first to ease into it. The heat-weathered prongs at the end look so good O_O
I'm in the same boat...helmet and blaster first, then do the rifle. That thing is just so big and has some crazy engineering to consider


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Has anyone noticed that the whistling birds gauntlet looks like the holiday special gauntlet more than boba fett does?