the mandalorian

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  1. E59E1E7F-C755-4FB5-911D-23D14668D97D.jpeg


    Anovos Mandalorian cast, stripped of its original paint.
  2. Mr Mold Maker

    Various Mandalorian Paint Work

    Hey folks. I figured it was time to stop bombarding the Mandalorian reference thread with my work, and instead, to compile it all into one place. Here I will share various things, from armor, blasters, helmets, and whatever else Mando related happens to come across my workbench. I have finished...
  3. shpider

    The Mandalorian Paper Props

    I'll start it off with some "Chocky Milk" for "The Child". I didn't want any fold lines to be visible, but it should be pretty self explanatory (especially if you have a real milk container for reference)... The only tricky part will be the triangle folds on the top sides. Set your printer to...
  4. gabe3666

    Baby Yoda (the child) in Carbonite

    Hey guys I just wanted to share my quarantine project with you all. I decided to make a Lifesize Baby Yoda in Carbonite project for fun! I’ll post a basic run through of the process bellow.
  5. KitSmasher

    The Mandalorian- Cara Dune's Gloves- Knuckle Protectors Found Item

    I haven't seen any threads dedicated to Cara Dune or else I would have posted in there. My wife has decided she wants to do a Cara Dune cosplay for Star Wars Celebration later this year (fingers crossed) I started to research the parts, and saw everyone was 3D printing (or buying crappy 3D...
  6. J

    Silicone Baby Yoda

  7. J

    Baby Yoda sculpt

    Here is my Baby Yoda sculpture so far using Monster Clay Medium. Once finished, I plan to make a resin mold and cast him with Ecoflex 00-20 Platinum silicone from Smooth-On. He will have a wire armature inside so he will be posable as well. The eyes and claws will be made with resin. Hope you...
  8. alecsanz

    The Mandalorian's blaster pistol

    I return after many months and bring you my latest replica made out of paper. Hope you enjoy it!!!! More pics here: The Mandalorian's blaster pistol
  9. Jake Kassnoff

    Darksaber from The Mandalorian

    I figured out how to do the blade without LEDs:
  10. kingolaf99

    The Mandalorian - The Client's War Medal

    Anyone else interested in The Client's war medal from "The Mandalorian"? I think this is a super neat prop for an old Imperial hanger-on to have. It's like the Imperial equivalent to the ANH Yavin medals. I can imagine ze Client bringing this out to show the grandkids over dinner...
  11. Numbskull

    Identifying heavy Mandalorian gun (Spoiler Warning)

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I need some help with identifying a gun from the Mandalorian series for a custom project In Chapter 3, The Sin, we are introduced to the "Heavy Infantry" Mandalorian, a juggernaut-like class of Mandalorian. In the last scene of the episode, we see him...
  12. Jake Kassnoff

    Mayfield's Blaster Pack from The Mandalorian

    Bill burr is in Star Wars:
  13. MasterEdi

    Done / Completed Baby Yoda (Raw resin hard cast parts)

    ***CLOSED **** Thanks to all for their support of this limited run! *****NO LONGER AVAILABLE **** Raw cast parts limited run (Scaled to be approximately 12-13 inches) ****This is only for the raw cast hard parts!*** *****Not finished Prop or puppet**** The pictures represent the sculpt and...
  14. ekrawciw

    The Mandalorian Costume by Chewy Bread Cosplay

    It's been a while since I've been on the RPF but it's also been a while since I did a big Star Wars Armor build. I thought I would share since I'm very stoked about this one. All the armor is 3D printed and most of it was modeled by me, except for the helmet (@thebrokennerd83 on insta) the shin...
  15. dannylopuz

    Mando Mandalorian undersuit/bodysuit fabric parts

    Hi guys! I'm designing the Mandalorian undersuit, the parts made out of pure fabric. I've been doing a LOT of research on it and I now have a very basic sketch, and more info or pics are welcome! I'll be posting here every step of the way until we get a final prototype and can start taking...
  16. Sni9er

    Limited Run =JJ= Industries - The Mandalorian Metal Parts - Consolidated Sales Thread

    Today I'm proud to launch the "Master Mandalorian" Aluminium Accessories Kit: The kit features an astonishing 86 pieces to ensure bounty hunting need not be a complicated profession, the bundle deal saves you 14% over buying the part individually, to keep a lid on prices...
  17. indianajohn

    The Mandalorian Poster

    So I just released an Alternate Poster for The Mandalorian and wanted to share it with you guys. It is available for purchase in multiple formats on Society 6 I wanted to emulate the Spaghetti Western posters of the 70s and even drew inspiration from the poster for Pale Rider starring Clint...
  18. P

    The Mandalorian - Unnamed Armorer reference and discussion

    Setting up a place to discuss the armor and props for the Armorer Very neat build- Horns, fur, and hammers!
  19. Sni9er

    Limited Run =JJ= The Mandalorian: Aluminium Knee Darts

    Good Morning Folks! due to the overwhelming support on the Bandolier/shin cylinders I've been able to kick off the next part early The Mandalorian Knee Darts are now available for purchase: £29 for the set Global Shipping included - 2 Knee Darts - 2 M5 X 10mm Hex Button Head Flange Bolts...
  20. Sni9er

    Limited Run =JJ= The Mandalorian: Aluminium Cylinder Kit

    3 Kits Remaining, I will extend the order qty if there is the interest for it Hi Folks, I've just hit go on a run of 30 kits worth of Aluminium Cylinders (for both bandolier & shin strap) for The Mandalorian details below: (CAD overlayed onto original, Photos will be updated when stock...
  21. indianajohn

    My Mandalorian Build

    I am about to start the process of building my very own Mandalorian armor. This is going to be a mishmash and not anything near the Mandalorian Mercs level of authenticity or specificity, but that doesn't bother me. This is my first build on the RPF and my second full costume, and I wanted to...
  22. Jake Kassnoff

    Foam Mandalorian Helmet

  23. Lunsfuhd

    Mandalorian Reference Thread

    Though I'd start a reference thread of the new Disney+ show The Mandalorian. The helmet looks similar to Fett's but seems slightly more narrow.

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