mandalorian helmet

  1. thegnome

    Fiberglass Molding on 3D Printed Mandalorian Helmet

    Hey, Thegnome here. I was wondering how precise using fiberglass molding would look on a 3D Mandalorian helmet in terms of the contours of the abrupt edges of the helmet on top of the 3D mold. How refined can fiberglass get if you sand it? Thoughts? Thanks
  2. StevenBills

    Minutefett Mandalorian Helmet (B-grade)

    Up for sale is a b grade MinuteFett Mandalorian fiberglass helmet cast. I did a rough-pass with sanding (220 I think), but just lost interest. Asking $110 + $25 S&H. US only, please.
  3. TanskiTannero

    Mandalorian Helmet. Please help!

    I need help figuring out how to paint Mando's helmet from the Mandalorian that I am 3D printing. I have access to an airbrush but I have never held or even used an airbrush. And I have gotten great success with just a can of spray paint. I don't have enough confidence in my abilities with just a...
  4. P

    The Mandalorian - Unnamed Armorer reference and discussion

    Setting up a place to discuss the armor and props for the Armorer Very neat build- Horns, fur, and hammers!
  5. Jake Kassnoff

    Foam Mandalorian Helmet

  6. CallsignFallout

    Mandalorian Armor Build

    Ok so I’m new to this specific part of the forum. I know there are some 501st guys here maybe even mandalorian mercs andnothers I could possibly get tips from, anyways I’m building mandalorian armor for the next comic con in my area( hopefully they won’t skip out this year ). I have painted my...
  7. Lunsfuhd

    Mandalorian Reference Thread

    Though I'd start a reference thread of the new Disney+ show The Mandalorian. The helmet looks similar to Fett's but seems slightly more narrow.