Painting the Mandalorian Armorer chest plate


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I’m preparing to paint the armor for the Armorer from The Mandalorian. Zooming in to photos of the actual show-worn armor, you can see that it’s not just red, but a speckled mix of colors. Any suggestions on ways to achieve this effect?


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3d print a “splatter nozzle” for your Air brush and use multiple colors of your liking

Many armorer builders have gone with different color combos

From my research there hasn’t been a “go to color” for the armorer

If you want to see a hot debate, search what color her boot toe guards are

Rivets vs screws all over again lol
I can well believe it! I like authenticity, but I’m making it for myself, and I’m not a professional in any way. I like to get as close as I can, but I’m willing to accept “good enough.”

Thanks for the splatter nozzle idea. I’ll have to give it a try!

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