Done / Completed Luke Skywalker TLJ «CreepyUncle» lightsaber (by Lukyanov) Run #2


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I received the saber. Very nice work! Mine is for a static display.

Can some explain the reasons for the different choices of arrows and the purpose of the plastic white screws?
Plastic screws need to be screwed into the brass box cover from the inside then cut from the outside to fix the board.
I attached 3 types of arrows to gave you a choice.
The most little plastic inserts don't need to be sanded. It fits perfect and looks like ROTJ-style arrows.
The bigger plastic inserts looks like exhibition prop/wite glove style (it is necessary to grind off a side surface that is inserted into the box to fot these inserts due to miscalculation with print scale).
The LED arrows also needs to be sanded down to fot inside (like in the attached picture). I just like the way they look.
1.jpg box inside.jpg
LEDs are on the top and bigger inserts are on the bottom
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Hey Lukyanov, I was wondering what the depth is inside the hilt that the blade goes in so I know how much length to add onto my blade so it stays 32inches outside the hilt?