The Starkiller: Open Hatch Lightsaber Run 2024

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Hey Star Wars geeks and my fellow lightsaber enthusiasts.

Ever since the 2023, I have been trying to design a Starkiller lightsaber from Star Wars The Force Unleash Video Game that would closely constructed the way it should be as in a particular meditating scene in the video game where the grip would have open hatch panels and that the hilt would disassembled like in the game scene.

Finally, after few round of prototyping, I have come with an epic design that would feature the open hatch and high level of accuracy from the game hilt (courtesy of a fellow lightsaber enthusiasts whom have shared high detailed render and other valuable information in regards of Starkiller hilt). There were quite a heartful reaction for this design when I showed it to the community, and thus, motivated me to bring the design another step forward for fabrication. As such, this run is open to get as many people to sign up and hopefully minimum number of participants can be reach for the project to actually kickstart.

Therefore, if the design is appealing to you and you would like the design to be made, do not hesitate to sign up. However, please be reminded that only sign up if you are 100% going to commit as I do not want to get myself hoped for more than it needed to be. Haha. Alas, the following are the hilt specifications and the expected price. As usual, once enough participants are reached, I will be starting to collect 50% deposit and the remaining payment will due prior to shipping.

Price: 320 USD (excluding paypal fees and shipping)

1. Emitter Section:

Emitter will be made of stainless steel to enable end user to heat stain the area for a nice touch up, come with custom blade plug. Features hidden blade retention screws and the first & only thin neck emitter that is accurate to the game. Internal diameter is 7/8". Other than that, two (2) sets of bunny ear will provided, one being the standard rounded off bunny ear, and the other one features the polygon bunny ear.

2. Switch Box:
To incorporate non reveal switch button where the switch is hidden in the control box with the switch cover that would conceal the switches.

3. Greeblies:
The front knob features a unique design where the front is actually slightly curved before a flat surface protrudes, accurate to the 3D mapping from the game (refer to Photo 8). Both back and front know will be black anodized.

4. Shroud, Main Body & Crystal Chamber:
The actual 3D model of the hilt from the game revealed that the shroud was actually floating and that the emitter is structurally combined with crystal chamber. Although the floated shroud is impossible to be done without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the hilt, however, I came up with a unique design of the main body that would house the crystal chamber, at the same time, aesthetically mimic the floating shroud concept. The design would give an impression that the shroud would float but at the same time does not compromise on the structural integrity of the hilt (refer to Photo 8)

5. Wasp Waist or Standard Waist:
The design features a wasp waist design with a nice touch of side tabs (refer to Photo 9) that would highly reflect the hilt from the game. Scared of breaking the thin wasp waist, no worries, the wasp waist will be made from stainless steel as well. For those who want a more standard looking Starkiller (fat waist), an adaptor is provided by default to conceal the wasp waist. Meaning you can choose either you want wasp waist or standard waist.

6. Grip:
The main course of the hilt would the grip. Features a complicated construction that allows the open hatch panels, the grip ring , and the pommel to be removed just like the meditation scene in the original game (refer to Photo 1, Photo 6, Photo 7). Moreover, by removing the open hatch panels would reveal open windows for possibility of secondary crystal chamber, accent pixel or even OLED screen.

7. Grip Ring:
Two grip rings will be provided, yes, two (2) rings will provided, one being the standard copper ring with covertech knob attachment, and one is plain aluminium ring without any hole) for those who cant decided whether to be functional ad the con or go for the ultimatum for the accuracy (refer to Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4).

8. Pommel:
The pommel features one of a kind design the is highly accurate to the game, and also having hidden sound vents that is consisting of two parts pommel.

9. Diameter, Length, Material:
Unless mentioned in the part list, the construction is mainly aluminum. The overall hilt length is approximately 300mm length. The internal diameter at the grip area is 28mm to allow 28mm bass speaker un use.

10. Miscellenous:
I would try my utmost best to come up with a box design, nothing too fancy as I would want to keep the overall cost as low as possible to stay competitive. For the crystal, at the moment I decided not to include any quartz crystal for it since the size might be a hit or miss. However, I would try to include 3d printed crystal and for those who wish to get a nice real crystal or quartz at your own, the crystal chamber would be accepting any crystal 10mm Dia. around 25-20 mm long.

Henceforth, for those who wish to jump in the run, please do provide the email that you guys would use for payment as I will be generating invoice to that respective email addresses. Feel free to ask me for any inquiry at my page or email. So far, I have not set any deadline for the sign up, but if the number of sign up people reached the minimum required, I would start sending invoice for the first half deposit. Hopefully, we can reach the minimum number in 2 or 3 weeks time.

So, once again, for those who are interested in the run, kindly read up the sign up form thoroughly before submitting the form.

Original Run Post:

Sign up form:

Reminder: Only sign up if you would fully committed to the run.


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