1. lukyanov

    «Crimson Lord» gen.2: Maul's lightsaber from "Solo" (by Lukyanov) [absolutely NEW one]

    Hey. I want to introduce the newest generation of my «Crimson Lord» Maul's saber: HERO. I designed it from scratch, with new sound venting solution (much better than gen. 1), more details and now it as accurate as possible to the real «hero» prop. The references were provided from private...
  2. lukyanov

    Done / Completed Luke Skywalker TLJ «CreepyUncle» lightsaber (by Lukyanov) Run #2

    Hi. :) photos of 1st run saber by Dmitri Shtok I want to start my second run here. You can find the differences from the first run in the narrative of the order form. Also, there will be only shiny version. It will be a limited run,the ordinary price is 190$ per hilt + shipping. Also, you...