Done / Completed Luke Skywalker TLJ «CreepyUncle» lightsaber (by Lukyanov) Run #2


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WTS mine weathered V1 hilt.
- "Cerberus" sound board by Warsabers with deep sleep mode
- green-green-amber Tri-Cree LED with lens
- micro USB charging (5V 1A) only (works with mobile phone USB chargers, power banks)
- disassembled into two parts with Shtok's connector inside
- 18650B Li-ion MH12210 Panasonic 3400 mAh protected battery (non-removable)
- 28mm 4W 85dB speaker
- two accent triangle LEDs
- micro SD-card and micro USB port access through the pommel
- upgradeable sound board firmware
- unvented (static) weathered pommel cap
- acrylic horizontal stand with engraving
- spare double-sided box card

I want 600$ includes worldwide delivery (+PP fees or you can send it via "friends and family" to avoid fees)

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The hilt is from this video but with modified metal parts.