Lost in Space Robot Sells for $455,000!

The fees are fully understood and factored in by buyers. It’s not incorrect to say it sold for $455,000.

What I find troubling is this was the stunt version that was “restored” to resemble the hero. That’s not a decision I would have made. I wish the owner had simply restored to what it was.
I remember seeing that robot whenever I visited Greg's shop. It is truly a shame that someone modified it and added all those lights.
I thought I read that someone had restored it to a hero-like state BEFORE Greg had it. I don't know how far he got in whatever his own approach was.
If the last time it sold was in 2003 I suspect (the estate of) Paul Allen was the only owner till this auction. I saw this piece early 2019 in the exhibit Science Fiction: A Journey into the Unknown, and at that time they still owned (same for most of the day 1 sci fi props at Juliens).
It was indeed from the estate of Paul Allen as was a bunch of the other items including the Daggit and the Twikki, as well as the Silent Running/Battlestar Galactica dome.
Is this the one?

This auction was for the "stunt" LIS robot, which had been restored to match the hero.

Dan Monroe has some WONDERFUL quick videos about the LIS original robot, the stunt robot, what happened AFTER The TV series, how much of the robot is now "original" versus replica/restoration, etc.

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So THATS why I saw him at Seaworld.

I must have spent an hour looking at him and was surprised how small he was in contrast to the POD minature which was HUGE
The 'restoration' seems to have really cut into the value of the piece. Greg Jein's personal replica sold for almost as much.

The stunt robot was at one point signed on the back by the cast. Very sad...

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