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    Hello all! I what this thread to be an encyclopedia of all different lightsabers from Jedi to Sith, replica to custom. This idea came from the fact that a lot of lightsabers were made based off of lightsabers of either the padawan's master or available references and therefore there should be one place everyone can access to see different lightsabers to inspire them. Now to organize this thread a little better if you could follow this outline when posting:

    Name of Saber

    [Saber Pic]

    Tech specs
    -light up or no

    links to tutorials

    This will make everything easier to view and help anyone who needs some tips.
    May the force be with you, always.
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    Here is a great reference I found for a comparison of the Obi-Wan / Luke V2, Stunt and ROTJ Hero variations.

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    If Mark Hamill only used the beat up V2 in Jedi, which he did, why all the stunts of the Hero???

    In the original film, ironically, he never actually handles the Hero. Only Vader in the Endor scene. Mark Hamill handled the Hero in the cut cave scene only and I believe that was filmed later along with the close up Vader handling scene. Otherwise he always has the V2 so why all the Hero stunt props?????

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