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Hey guys! Finished this piece about a week ago but wanted to show it off here on the RPF as well! I just have to add the sight greeblies, which I have in hand, just haven't had time to attach it. Please let me know if there's any additional work I should do to it!

  • Blaster Factory - All Steel Kit
  • Flame Blued trigger, lock frame stop, extractor, bolt stop, safety, and sight + sight slide
  • Painted lower receiver and scope mount
  • Cold blued upper receiver, scope, bull barrel and flash hider
  • Weathered and rusted flash hider
  • Weathered grips and finished in Tru-Oil
  • Scope mount crossbar weathered using the AMAZING stencils by Scott Juarez
  • Hand-weathered the rest of the piece to match the screen used prop

(Reference Photo by scottjua)​
It came out great! Gotta thank Scott once again for releasing that photo all those years ago. Has helped many of us achieve this kind of finish

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