star wars blaster

  1. Don93

    Star Wars DC-15 Metal Clone blaster

    Aluminum metal DC-15s with folding stock (secured by removable allen bolts) under the barrel or as a long stock. The side magazine is removable and attached by slot/tab holder and a magnet. The barrel sleeve is plastic and grip is composite. I trooped with the 501st using this and wearing the...
  2. D

    My First Mod -- Mando's Blaster

    Hi Everyone - As promised, here's some pics of my very first mod. Don't get too excited. It is, of course, the Rubies Mando blaster. THIS IS NOT SCREEN ACCURATE! I know it's missing the site and the hammer isn't quite correct. But I wanted just to do a paint mod first, just to get my feet wet...
  3. Megamicrofish

    Another Fieldmarshall E11 Build.

    Well, Actually its just a Sterling at present, Still got to StarWarsify it ;) The Field Marshal kit is very nice, Easy to put together and I had no issues importing to the UK. Still working out which is the best way to add the T track
  4. JRHunter13

    Bespin Guard Blaster

    So I got my hands on a nemrod harpoon gun and am looking to make it into a blaster. I’ve found some great photos of the prop but have no clue on the greeblies. Has anybody 3D printed these parts before? I’d be interested in buying them. If anyone has knowledge on this prop I’d really appreciate it!
  5. willrhami

    Custom Blaster Holster

    Hello there! Hope you all are staying safe wherever you are and have been trying to make the most of an extremely poodoo situation if you know what I mean. I recently built a custom blaster which I have been calling the DL-180 as it combines the scope and flash hider look of Han Solo’s DL-44...
  6. wyaywya

    Suggestions for a custom blaster

    Hey there, I found this awesome Sheridan PGP paintball gun from the 70s or 80s for $30. I bought it cause it already looks like a Star Wars blaster and it was cheap. It's all metal save for the grips. I just think the thing looks rad. I cleaned it up a little, now I want to hear what to do with...