Iron Man Arc Reactor Blueprint


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Now I know this topic has been touched before, but I've searched and nobody is searching for the blueprint that I'm looking for.

So, if you have seen Iron Man II, I'm looking for the blueprint Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke) used to create his arc reactor. The actual paper of the original, large scale arc reactor drawn by Howard Stark and Anton Vanko is the one I'm looking for.

So just to clarify, I'm not looking for blueprints of the reactor in Tony's chest, but rather the reactor that is fueling Stark Industries; the larger one.

Thank you
I would email jarrod at and ask him if what you are looking for is coming up in the October Propworx Iron Man 2/Hulk Auction at NY Comic Con. He may have some details...
Hello all

I'm also interested in reconstructing the blueprint, plus I also managed to get all the needed screenshots. Most of it actually can be reconstructed just from the screens themselves, apart from one element. If you look carefully, the blueprint contains two schematics, all the created by/drawn by data, some minor detail but also a table with about twenty fields. The only thing I was able to read from it was "ARC REACTOR" from the uppermost field, and that was based on screens from a 1080p version. The only solution would be to make up some of the data in it.

Oh, one thing. If you, by chance, know, what font was used to create the old Stark Industries logo, the one with the wireframe globe, I'd appreciate it.
Hi, this is Jarrod from Propworx, and yes, we do have the screen used hero blueprints from the opening scene in our upcoming Iron Man 2 & Hulk Auction next month, Oct. 22nd.

They are very very cool, the blueprints come with a cardboard portfolio case that has been aged by production with a label on front in Russian and small ties on each side. Inside is the large set of blueprints that have been attached together at the end, and s small set of white paper blueprints, not hat small, but not as big as the blue one's.

Very cool lot, check out the auction and our website for blogs and pictures.
I know this might be too good to be true, but is there a chance of you making some high-quality pictures of those blueprints, so that those who are too poor to buy the original can at least reconstruct it?
Well maybe one day, someone might make a small run hopefully for arc reactor can only hope...I know I would love to have one myself
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