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With so many negative discussions about Indiana Jones, I thought it might be fun to have a positive discussion about what might have been.

What would your IJ McGuffin quest be about?
Well, it is hard to say of course, but, since the movies for the Ark and Holy Grail were both good, if a story could somehow work to need both items again, could be getting the Ark from the warehouse, and the Grail from where it fell in the pit.
It would be really tricky to get right and not feel like a retread of those movies.
I'm not really a writer, so just ideas, that perhaps someone out there could make work....but at the same time, could also make a more of a mess of.
Are you defining a time period or is the "what if" mean, what if 5 never happened what would our 5 be? Or is your question in general? ( Any adventure from any time period and the mcguffin related to it)
Indy & the body of Jimmy Hoffa?

Indy & the TP for his Bunghole?

I've always thought they missed the boat by not doing an Atlantis movie. They did a video game in the 1990s but that one seems like prime Hollywood material.

IIRC they also did an Indy novel about finding the Oracle of Delphi. That's a good idea too.
Anything reasonably within Indy's lifetime. We can conclude that he lived into his 90s if we use the YIJC as cannon.

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Always wanted Indiana Jones Conquers the Martians. Full on pulp alien invasion flick. When the Roswell story mentioned an archaeologist May have found the downed craft, the story writes itself. What might have been….
...since you

Let's start at the end of The Last Crusade in 1938 and preface this with Indy and his father ride off into the sunset...Let's assume they've had a second chance at strengthening their bond and have started to just make up for lost time as father and son for a few months until WW2 breaks out.

( The experiences with the Ark of the Covenant and the Grail only lead to a deeper conviction that father and son were reunited miraculously and purposely.)

Here's the Prelude:

Henry Jones Sr decides to make the most of his extended life by teaching Biblical Archaeology at Oxford,(makes sense given he was saved from a gunshot wound miraculously) which leads him to pursue the land of the Bible itself. An ominous feeling hastens his passion as news breaks out of Germany invading Poland.(1939)

While in Great Britain(1940)
Sallah gets word to Indy and beckons his assistance to accompany British soldiers on a mission to Palestine to help recruit Arab soldiers against the Axis powers, newly formed, due to his knowledge of cultures and understanding Hitler's lust for power and how it will ultimately affect their people, especially in that land. Indy knows the stakes are high and agrees.

Henry Jones Sr sees an open door to go to Jerusalem and wants in. Junior disagrees and feels it's too dangerous but prophecies in the books of Isaiah and Ezekiel compels SR for what he understands to be a Divine calling...but is it for him? He must go and see.

(Big gap of time for WW2) The Jones' and Sallah spend a lot of time under British protection recruiting troops in exchange to supply their government with archaeological information of possible underground locations for King Solomon's treasure. There had not been an Archaeological undertaking of this magnitude in the region since the 30s and though the world was at war, they figured to provide protection for two peoples but it would prove to be too difficult a task. Indy and his father would develope relations with people from both sides and uncover more clues along the way, as Henry Sr struggled for the deeper meaning of the prophecies that led him there to begin with.

Germany surrenders May 7th 1945

**This is where the bulk of the movie would be spent**

The setting is Qumran, November 1946-1948

The Jones' and Sallah, had befriended a young Jewish boy(Elijah) who lost his parents in the Holocaust and ironically, had a best friend in the Bedouin community, a shepherd boy, who accidentally, would make a discovery for the ages. Word got around while they were in Jerusalem about the discovery that solidified Henry Jones Sr interest and confirmed his calling. Indy knew he had to see it for himself. The Jones' and Elijah head down to the Dead Sea.

What he didn't know was how great the impact this discovery would be...that he would see his father fulfill his destiny as the pages of his Bible would come to life...that he would experience a personal rebirth as they witnessed a nation reborn before their very eyes and two young friends begin a quest of their own for the ages despite being in the epicenter of a war torn world...
An adventure that's an excavation of the soul in...

Indiana Jones
Treasure Of The Scrolls

Going for an uplifting and positive movie in the spirit of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles where Indy sort of finds himself a part of our history to some degree as he has become an actual part of the history of our childhood as far as movie entertainment goes. I know this reads long and serious but i could see how it can be condensed and made into an Indy-style movie without being bogged down with too much political overtones as the overwhelming arc of the movie is about relationships, discovery, hope and fulfillment.
The lost good script!
I keed I keed.

Something made up that sounds actually historic. South America
for sure. Get his azz back in the element of the opening of Raiders. Yes it would mean recasting necessary.

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