How was Vader's helmet modified from ANH to ESB to ROTJ

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Is there better pictures of this? also whats with the 2 pointless strips of velcro on the edges on the side of the facemask
Of the ANH screen used prop no unfortunately not the only photos are these from the book Objects du Myth
where it now resides in the collection of a French gentleman.

My speculation for the Velcro could be where the back half of the mask originally attached perhaps and they used Velcro
but that is my educated guess I'm not sure on that

perhaps others will confirm


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Interesting to see the up-rezed shots from the Arnaud Grunberg collection!

The velcro is post-production. It isn't present in any of the few photos we've seen so far taken during production or in the photo of the helmet taken immediately post production at Don Post Studios. There are also no traces of it in any production related castings.



Darth Africanus

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Up-scaled Kermit in the ANH screen used suite

Used Topaz AI Gigapixel and light Lightroom exposure adjustment

Beautiful detail
ANH Vader-Kermit Eller-02-Edit.jpg

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My friends I am proud to present my first rough draft of a more refined how was Vader's helmet modified

I hope you all join hands with me so I can finish this labor of love and provide the Vader community something special
That hopefully any Vader fan can keep with them

I make no claim that what I say is the gossiple truth it is the best I know with all I looked at and have found talking to other Vader fans, watching the movies, studying the photo's etc. it is not perfect far from it but I would like it to be something that is at least truthful and correct to the best of my abilities.

If anyone knows more please tell me share the story of Vader so I can finish this labor for you all so we all may hopefully enjoy it together.

But here you go my friend this is my rough draft the first section the ANH Vader helmet


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