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  1. skywalker49

    89 Sabers MPP Vader Empty Hilt

    I have an empty MPP Darth Vader lightsaber hilt for sale. Comes with the basic kit so you can assemble with options for ANH, ESB and RO configurations. Also includes as bonuses a Blue SlothFurnace Circuit card, Goth-3D ECO chassis and grip guide for installing your grips. Asking $225 plus...
  2. comm510


  3. Jake Kassnoff

    Battle Damaged Darth Vader Helmet

    Tutorial Link:
  4. Twofoot

    Most accurate availabile 3d vader helmet/ mask

    Firstly, yes I have searched for the answers to this and there's a lot of conflicting answers to this. Which is considered the most accurate 3d vader helmet/mask 3d files? I'm really after an esb or rotj but definitely not any of the others available. I'm massively aware that whichever...
  5. Praetor

    Vader ANH - MPP Lightsaber - Screws!

    Hi all, I’ve checked the guide and done a bunch of searches, but I cannot find a clear answer: Can anyone tell me the specification of the small screws that hold the button section mount in place and that sit under the shroud either side? These look the same (button, flat head screws) but I’m...
  6. FabiKurz

    Anti-COVID Darth Vader Mask

    Hi Everybody! In this pandemic times I refuse to wear a simple mask, so I built this Darth Vader mask, to front the virus with some style… I made it from styrene pieces and cover it with EVA foam on inside It have removable cotton pads and I put a little fan on it to help breathing (I'll add it...
  7. jusdrewit

    Advice with mounting Vader helmet to wall

    Hello, I have a few wall helmet stands, and while they work great for Stormtrooper or a Boba/Mando helmet, Vader's helmet and flare is just so big it doesn't fit and reach all the way to the top of the dome. I was thinking of getting a small pillow to stuff inside or perhaps even a little square...
  8. kingolaf99

    Custom OT Style Lightsaber Build - Add Your Input

    Parts / Materials: - Vintage Heiland shroud, purchased from forumite propmainiac way back in 2016 - Vintage SOL 3 cell flash tube, purchased from eBay - Reproduction Graflex clamp, purchased from Roman Props (love this thing) - Vintage Bubble Strip, pulled from an old calculator (not an Exactra...
  9. Darth Africanus

    How was Vader's helmet modified from ANH to ESB to ROTJ

    ]Hello All hope all are good So I have been searching the intranets for this little nugget of information I read all threads I could find but to my surprise nowhere is it discussed in great detail what did the prop makers at LF do to the Vader helmets from ANH to convert it to the ESB version...
  10. FabiKurz

    Darth Vader -episode IV- Lightsaber

    Hi everybody! I'm a new member of RPF. i'm really amazed with the works I've found here and I want to share those that I have done across the years. My first will be this: A Vader's Lightsaber built from a flashlight and a couple of things that I've found on the way. You'll see all my projects...

    Darth Vader ROTJ-MoM stunt lightsaber

    Testing out my photobox and taking pics of my sabers. This one was probably built about 15 years ago. Genuine Graflex used for the base.


  13. Haso

    Vader Helmet sculpts

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd post here a project I'm working on...a Darth Vader helmet. A helmet that isn't full sized to the screen used ones, but one that should look more proportional if you aren't built like Dave Prowse...hence the Fun Sized Vader Helmet! This is the first time I have ever...
  14. Edraven99

    MR ANH Vader LE Lightsaber Question

    Hey guys, Have any of you or know of anyone who has stripped the t-tracks off of a MR Vader ANH LE lightsaber? I've been toying with the idea of stripping and correcting the t-tracks on mine - the MR ANH comes with 6 t-tracks instead of the correct 7 tracks. I know that on the FX hilts at...
  15. L

    Vader belt boxes

    Having problems sourcing the casing for the switches on Vader belt. Am looking to meet authenticity for 501st approval; any suggestions would be appreciated
  16. Hecubus114

    Display Ideas for Vader Helmet + Shoulder Armor?

    I have a Vader EFX PCR helmet that I just bought some shoulder armor to go along with, but am brainstorming the best way to sturdily display them together. Right now the helmet is on a stand that leaves no room for anything underneath, so whatever I do will be from scratch. I'd love to see...
  17. yostevec

    Need help with ANH Vader Helmet and Saber

    So I've been wanting to build an ANH Vader for a while and I have the Heiland flash handle, but I need to get the other parts to add. I would prefer to use original parts, but I'm not too picky about using replica parts. plus the Heiland is missing the it's clamp Also I have a helmet kit, but...
  18. darienvader

    Darth Vader ANH Chestbox

    I've been working on this one for a couple weeks trying to get things as perfect as they can, and I'd really love to find the original push-button lens covers in green and red but can't find the source anywhere (I had it once, but it's no longer in my bookmarks). Anyways...all the parts I made...
  19. Darth_Saber_-_Darth_Vader_ESB


    Member Darth Saber's lightsaber blueprint. (I think this should be here permanently because people ask for Vader saber blueprints now and then)
  20. The Ultimate Fan Costume

    The Ultimate Fan Costume

    Indy Magnoli's entry into the 2012 Halloween Costume Contest: a huge cross-over of 12 costumes from 8 different franchises. Build Thread:

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