darth vader

  1. juajn7fernandez

    Vader helmet vents (metal)

    Complete set of eight vents for Vader reveal helmet. All metal and the fins have been painted in the correct copper color. $30 + $7 for shipping
  2. M

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    Pulling the listing
  3. M

    Star Wars FS: Darth Vader machined aluminum helmet reveal parts

    I will no longer be pursuing my Darth Vader costume or display builds, and am starting to list parts for sale: For sale is a single lot of the following vader_doctor ROTJ Darth Vader machined aluminum helmet reveal parts. Includes - forehead set - linkage set - dome rings - dome keys -...
  4. 00jimmyd00

    Star Wars Vader's Vault Fury Lightsaber

    I'm letting my Vader's Vault Fury Lightsaber go. I bought this and unfortunately it's sat on a shelf for the past year. This thing needs to be seen and heard, looks and sounds Awesome! Upgraded sound card and lighting. I have a video showing brightness and how loud the sound is. Please check...
  5. Space In Vader

    Join me! Support Darth Vader's Tough Mudder... :-)

    So please get a Stormtrooper-Morphsuit and join me: ;-) (my regular costume is not the most suitable for all this mud-, obstacles-, ice-swamp-, electric-shocks- and running-thing- so I chose this very casual morphsuit-version. It fits very nice and is very comfortable...)
  6. M

    Star Wars ANH found parts - Exactra 20 calculator

    ANH found part Texas Instruments Exactra 20 calculator. SOLD
  7. tmax

    Anovos ESB Vader Cape (NIB)

    Brand new Anovos ESB Vader Standard Cape. If you're looking at this you probably no more about it than I do. I had trouble finding out exactly what these are worth... The Premium Cape is $999 retail but for the life of me I can't find what the Standard version is worth? Perhaps it's the same...
  8. Hecubus114

    Display Ideas for Vader Helmet + Shoulder Armor?

    I have a Vader EFX PCR helmet that I just bought some shoulder armor to go along with, but am brainstorming the best way to sturdily display them together. Right now the helmet is on a stand that leaves no room for anything underneath, so whatever I do will be from scratch. I'd love to see...
  9. darienvader

    Darth Vader ANH Chestbox

    I've been working on this one for a couple weeks trying to get things as perfect as they can, and I'd really love to find the original push-button lens covers in green and red but can't find the source anywhere (I had it once, but it's no longer in my bookmarks). Anyways...all the parts I made...
  10. teecrooz

    Want to Buy Glenross Dental Expander

    Not looking for a full set, but would love to have some for my collection of found parts.
  11. Lan Jenn

    Darth Vader chest box

    I purchased this fiberglass Vader chest box back in 2002-2003. Has a speaker with a sound board that does Vader breathing, and a button you can push for several on-screen Vader sayings, "I find your lack of faith disturbing," "I have you now!" etc. I purchased two aluminum chest box rods that I...