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  1. S

    Anyone know where to get the best vader rots soft and hard parts ?

    Please let me know about anyone who makes soft parts or hard parts for the costume!
  2. seweryn14

    Please, help with my problem. Is the emitter shroud too short on Vader's 2010 Hasbro Signature series Force FX (removable blade version)?

    Hello there! I am currently working on something that I have dreamed of since I was a child. I was able to purchase three Vader lightsabers from all three Original Trilogy movies. I try to restore and modify them so that they look like original props (as much as I can afford with a smaller...
  3. eethan

    Darth Vader square shroud dedicated stunt saber + Barbican

    Hello everyone, I have been searching quite a bit for infos on that saber in the past few days but can't find anything on this, not even where I found the pictures I have saved on my computer. I have always loved that saber with the very weird square shroud and would love to reproduce it one of...
  4. D

    Adjusting Vader Helmet dome Height/position

    Say you buy an ANH Vader helmet with a traditional dome mount type of system with the two rings that sit in each other, Now we know in the films vaders dome position changes form scene to scene, but this mounting system doesn't allow for any adjustment. If you theoretically you wanted Vaders...
  5. roygilsing

    ROTJ Darth Vader Graflex Stunt (MoM)(a.k.a. DV6) – by WannaWanga

    I decided to start a new thread for this project: WannaWanga accurate (unidealized) ROTJ Darth Vader’s stunt saber parts. Rather than adding to my 2014 thread (Various OT lightsaber WannaWanga parts (new ALU MPP shroud)) I think it makes sense to start a fresh one for updates, feedback and...

    My Lightsaber Display Wall

    Many years in the making, but here is my little SW corner of my man cave. Shout out to Roman for the killer Vader V1 and Obi-Wan I got today.
  7. Deetz

    Darth Vader reveal helmet

    A project I've been wanting to do for a long time. I'm very close to the end now with the dome, lenses and a sith styled stand for the helmet remaining. As for real parts, yeah no, not happening lol. I tried finding parts but they seem scarce, or I just didn't search in the right areas, no...
  8. Adizeb

    Your opinion is needed!

    Hello there! First of all, sorry for my English (I'm from Transylvania and not using Google Translate :) ), but I think, you will understand me. This Community is AMAZING, just Wow! I'm new here and glad to be here. I would like to present you my concept of a really "bad/dark" saber... I'll...
  9. Jake Kassnoff

    Battle Damaged Darth Vader Helmet

    Tutorial Link:
  10. ComeradeDog88

    Graflex Heiland ESB Vader Saber conversion

    So I have recently acquired an old 2 cell Graflex Heiland flash tube that I would like to convert into an ESB Vader lightsaber. here's an example (only mine has the black shroud on top). I have gotten the wires in their correct places on the sides near the top. I do have a question about...
  11. FilmFanatic

    Don Post Studios Helmets Value? (Royal Guard, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and Stormtrooper)

    Hello Everybody, I have 4 Don Post Studios helmets, circa mid-90's. I'm hoping to find some valid opinions as to their value. Sadly, I've come to a standstill on my movie memorabilia collection, and so some items have to go. These helmets haven't been "ok display" in years. It's time they...
  12. Nm1cciola


    If this isn't the right place to post this then please let me know where would be the best place to post this. Long story short I am just asking advice on how to best go about modding this helmet in order for it to be a co-void mask. So while I am good at cutting and creating new bands for the...
  13. Nm1cciola


    If this isn't the right place to post this then please let me know where would be the best place to post this. Long story short I am just asking advice on how to best go about modding this helmet in order for it to be a co-void mask. So while I am good at cutting and creating new bands for the...
  14. FabiKurz

    Anti-COVID Darth Vader Mask

    Hi Everybody! In this pandemic times I refuse to wear a simple mask, so I built this Darth Vader mask, to front the virus with some style… I made it from styrene pieces and cover it with EVA foam on inside It have removable cotton pads and I put a little fan on it to help breathing (I'll add it...
  15. Frogfreak

    My custom 3D Glenross Dental Expander model!

    Hey guys! Just been working on a little project for a bit and decided I would post it here for you guys to see! I would love to know what you think! And I can upload the files if people are interested!
  16. jusdrewit

    Advice with mounting Vader helmet to wall

    Hello, I have a few wall helmet stands, and while they work great for Stormtrooper or a Boba/Mando helmet, Vader's helmet and flare is just so big it doesn't fit and reach all the way to the top of the dome. I was thinking of getting a small pillow to stuff inside or perhaps even a little square...
  17. Darth Africanus

    How was Vader's helmet modified from ANH to ESB to ROTJ

    Hello All hope all are good So I have been searching the intranets for this little nugget of information I read all threads I could find but to my surprise nowhere is it discussed in great detail what did the prop makers at LF do to the Vader helmets from ANH to convert it to the ESB version...
  18. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader

  19. Vader Helmet

    Vader Helmet

  20. Vader Helmet

    Vader Helmet

  21. Vader Helmet

    Vader Helmet

  22. ZoiddBergg

    Accurate Darth Vader Helmet STL?

    Hello, I will soon be getting a 3D printer and one of the first actual projects I want to do is a Darth Vader helmet, the only problem is I can't find a single accurate STL file for it. I'm looking for either the ANH or ESB version, if anyone has or knows where I can get one it would be much...
  23. Space In Vader

    Join me! Support Darth Vader's Tough Mudder... :-)

    So please get a Stormtrooper-Morphsuit and join me: ;-) (my regular costume is not the most suitable for all this mud-, obstacles-, ice-swamp-, electric-shocks- and running-thing- so I chose this very casual morphsuit-version. It fits very nice and is very comfortable...)
  24. Hecubus114

    Display Ideas for Vader Helmet + Shoulder Armor?

    I have a Vader EFX PCR helmet that I just bought some shoulder armor to go along with, but am brainstorming the best way to sturdily display them together. Right now the helmet is on a stand that leaves no room for anything underneath, so whatever I do will be from scratch. I'd love to see...
  25. darienvader

    Darth Vader ANH Chestbox

    I've been working on this one for a couple weeks trying to get things as perfect as they can, and I'd really love to find the original push-button lens covers in green and red but can't find the source anywhere (I had it once, but it's no longer in my bookmarks). Anyways...all the parts I made...