Harry Potter Battle of Hogwarts

Yeah, I need to replace the shirt and the pants.

Found pictures of these replicas online. Might order these, or might look for nicer similar ones, not sure.



I've been told by someone who has seen these in person that the MR pants are also not dark enough. Better dye your own probably.
Looking at the shoes again, they look more like Keds than Converse. Unless they're some weird Converse variants (I know they've used Converse in the past).
Ugh, this is a pain without a clear shot of the shoes. I've been working off the high-res of the shot of him standing on the bridge, where the shoes look like they could be either grey or blue, but now I'm not sure.
Right, assuming these are the same shoes (and it looks like they could well be) I think this is probably the best pic you're likely to get other than a screengrab:


I found a couple of other pics but to be honest, they dont show anything extra that you dont get out of the pic above.

I hope it helps. I'll have another hunt if I get any time in the week as that's a much better pic to work from
actually, just had a very quick look before I head off for the night, and found these "Vans Ferris" which may be a starting point for you:

Vans Black ferris shoes| Buy Vans Online at Unique Menswear

They match in terms of the sole, the tag is removable, and they *almost* match with the dog-leg. I'd say they're a 90% match.

Actually scrub that, ... looking back at the reference pic again, it almost looks to more more like Harry's are ankle boots as opposed to sneakers....hmm

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