Harry Potter Battle of Hogwarts

So the pockets are on of the big differences between the jackets, since this one doesn't have a top flap. Do you guys think it would be possible/feasible to take the corduroy material from inside the pocket, and use it as a flap? Sort of like a.... corduroy skin-graft.
I've never really done much in the way of sewing, etc, but the theory at least sounds good to me.

I guess there would be a reduction in thickness as a result, which may look odd if you didn't do anything about it, so maybe see if you can get some fabric of a similar weight / density to replace it with. As it's in side the pocket, it won't be visible so doesn't need to be exactly right, and as it's a top pocket, it shouldn't buckle much as you move so hopefully it wont show up in your movements.

That's just my thinking though. Probably best to see what one of the more experienced seemstresses think ;-)
Yeah, I'm pretty new to sewing in general, but this is way beyond my knowledge. Luckily, I have friends who are much better seamstresses/seamsters (?) than I am, so I know I can get some help in that department.
Really glad I decided to reread the book! I'd totally forgotten that he uses Malfoy's wand in the BoH! I'd been looking into the Blackthorn wand, the one he nabs off the snatcher.

Also, does anyone have any ideas about the sweater thing?
Jacket got here today!



The pockets are lined with a different material unfortunately, so I guess I'll just leave it as is.

Anyone have any ideas on the sweater or shoes?
The pockets are lined with a different material unfortunately, so I guess I'll just leave it as is.
Nah, get down your nearest fabric shop and see if you can get a corduroy cut off with a similar ribbed pattern, then just dye it. If you can't get the right colour dye, then do it in gentle batches to try to gradually get to the right colour. If you're only using cheap cutoffs you should be able to get there without it being too expensive, and it will really add to the whole finished effect.

Anyone have any ideas on the sweater or shoes?
I'll have a look tonight if I get a chance to see what I can find. However, in the mean time, looking at the pics above, I'd say the key to finding that fleece is to try to locate that zip - it looks like it's quite unique, so if you can find the company who uses that particular zip puller you may be onto a winner.
Hmmm, it's interesting as Converse would have been my 1st guess.
However, having had a bit of a dig around it was surprising to see that not may of the converse shoes have that wide "dog leg" bit coming down from the laces to the sole. Most of them follow that style but only as a single line (not the thick, double) - I hope that makes sense? Also, they dont seem to have the toe cap bit that a lot of the Converse shoes seem to have.

Surprisingly, when I did an unbranded search, I actually got a load of Louis Vuitton and Gucci results coming up which fitted the bill much more than the converse ones did.... but then we're into the realms of "would harry wear gucci, or is this a case of the costume dept doing something knowing that it's only the "geeks" that will notice" .... but that's a whole different topic of conversation so we won't go there :lol

The other thing is, there's no visible branding. That's not surprising as it's possible the costume dept may have removed it (although in this day and age of product placement, it's getting more surprising as I expect companies would love to have their brands mentioned in the case of HP), but even if the costume dept had removed the converse "star" logo from the side, I wondered if we may have still seen a tell-tale sign. hmm

The other thing is, it's hard to see the colour. I know from hard experience of my voldemort shoes that the shoes can look REALLY different depending on the circumstances.

I'm almost tempted to say they're a grey/blue which has been really really dirtied up. Add to that the filter effect and you'd end up with that grey/blackish impression.

I think it's actually rare (although I could be wrong on this) for them to use a black, as black in a darkly lit scene would just vanish and look wrong, so I think it's probably a much lighter colour than we'd imagine.

The other thing it would be interesting to know for sure is whether the sole was originally white (and dirtied / dyed) or whether it's actually a grey.

I guess we could really do with trying to track down an even better high res image, or a closer screen capture.

That said, I think we have a few good tell tales we can look for to help you narrow down (and hopefully ID) the shoes:

1) That thick "Dog leg" bit
(if that doesn't make sense, let me know as it's going to be key to finding the right shoes)
- finding that, in combination with the other factors will be the key

2) The "dog leg" bit is actually quite raised from the layer below.
That will narrow it down further as many of the shoes I've seen so far with that "dog leg" bit actually have it on the same layer as the side of the shoe.

3) Lack of any other lines / pattern.
I've seen a few which were close, but even the closest match so far had lines which didn't match Harry's. Harry's seem to be relatively plain.

4) Structure
They seem to be fairly structured still. Some of the one's I've seen look like they'd be too soft (i.e. very canvassy - these look to have some solidity to them) so that may/may not also help with the "fine tuning" if you end up with several results.

5) Sole / eyelets
OK, so these can be coloured so unless we can find out for sure, we'll have to take their existing colour with a pinch of salt. However, I'm not currently convinced they're the kind of shoe which originally had the "white" sole. I can imagine the costume dept weathering them, but these look like they're much greyer than weathing alone. I suspect they're actually grey - that said... if they did dye the shoes then that doesn't rule out white (which is why we need to try to find a better pic :) )

I wouldn't rule out Converse just yet. Assuming the costume dept have tried to stick with the "shoes harry could get off the high street approach" then Converse, Aldo, Ecco would be the best place to start as these are the latter are shoes which we know they used previously. If we dont get anywhere with those, we can widen the search.

It took me 2 years to research my voldemort shoes, but in the end it paid off and I'm 95% sure they're accurate, so patience (and a spot of dogged determination! :lol) will hopefully get you there ;)
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In case it helps, here's a quick screengrab I took from one of the trailers to show what I mean about the zip. I've enhanced it a bit to try to remove the filters so that you can see it clearer:


The zip puller seems to be a 3 piece as opposed to 2 piece, and the 3rd part seems to be a long, cyclindrical shape (more "designed") as opposed to a flat one.

Also, I'm not sure if there's a hint of a logo on the right hand side (left from Harry's perspective). It could be a red herring, but may/may not help if someone recognises it as being one.

Above that, there seem to also be a raised horizontal line so that should help as well.

I'll let you know if I find anything else
Kessa, I just want to say thank you. You have been unbelievably helpful through this project.

(Also, your Voldemort kicks all sorts of ass!)
No worries, I love this kind of stuff, and glad I can help (and thanks for the kind words about Voldy).

Slightly off topic, but am I right in thinking you're in the UK? If you are, I dont know if this will be of interest but fingers crossed I should be giving Voldy another outing on Saturday 28th at London Expo, along with loads of my fellow costumers from the UK Garrison - if you like that kind of thing, come along and say hi :)

Anyway, back on topic, I've just spotted something i didn't before (you've probably already noticed this, but I thought I'd mention it in case you hadn't) - it looks like the bottom of the fleece has a single blue line on the trim. That should really help narrow it down - now if only I can find the bloomin' thing! lol
Unfortunately, I'm not. I'm in the US (currently Los Angeles, soon to be Boston). So if you're ever stateside, let me know!
And just for fun, here's a couple shots of my Harry. This was the first time I wore it to a con (Wizard World Anaheim 2011), and therefore the first time I have any decent shots of it. With my friend (LadyS on here) as Ginny.




I'd like to learn to put in contacts and then get some nice green ones in the future. I have a robe, but it was way too hot to wear it. Any and all critiques are welcome!
Just looking back on this, thought I'd add a few notes/comments on the Hogwarts Harry-

-The scar was quickly done, and will be done better in the future. I'm thinking rigid collodion?
-My hair color gets lighter in the spring/summer, so I'm thinking I should dye it a darker brown (NOT emo black though!)
-(Not pictured) My cloak needs the Gryffindor patch. Anyone have any recommendations on where to order one? I've seen quite a few on eBay...
Yeah, I need to replace the shirt and the pants.

Found pictures of these replicas online. Might order these, or might look for nicer similar ones, not sure.


hmm, it depends how accurate you want to get I guess. That looks like a good match in terms of colour, but it's the wrong material, wrong zip, and doesn't have the trim (although you may be able to add that by manually painting the dye on, and doesn't have the horizontal line just above the chest. The arms shouldn't matter as they're out of sight.

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