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Hey guys!

Finally got my account back up and running (turns out I had a second Spam filter I didn't know about that was blocking my password retrieval). I've finally finished putting together my Hogwarts uniform Harry (pictures soon), and am now looking into putting together his outfit from the Battle of Hogwarts in The Deathly Hallows Part Two. Here's the best reference pics I could gather:







Does anyone have any idea if the pieces are found or custom? If they're custom I guess I'll just go with the closest I can find. Any and all help would be appreciated!
HP wardrobe is not as popular around here atm as other franchises, so you just have to give it some time.

I am sure that those pieces are off the rack items, since the costume department would most certainly not waste money on such basic clothing items. There is nothing special about those pieces. Good luck in finding them, since the movie was shot I think two years ago, so there have already been three new collections of clothes. It´s like finding a needle in the hay stack with those basic style clothes, but you know that an outlook like that never deterred The RPF membership from identifying an item ;)

I'm pretty sure Belstaff promoted that they were designing costumes for Deathly Hallows, so I'm guessing the jacket is one of their models. That's about all I can offer for help though...
I like costumes that you can wear around town and they don't look like movie costumes. You can see if anyone recognizes them. Looking forward to seeing your build.
I dont recognise the bits but happy to have a look when I get a mo.

I know that some of the stuff was "off the shelf" for people like Nevill (BHS apparently! lol), but also, apparently some of the "off the shelf" stuff was actually designer / expensive stuff. For example, I think I remember hearing Rupert say in an interview that the weasley jumpers for example were about £500 each (or something silly like that!) ... and then modded to look as if they'd been hand knitted by Molly.
Not sure if any of these will help:

(Caution: It looks like this one's been photoshopped slightly)


(Jumper version)
Thanks, guys. That last image is different corduroy jacket, which would have been an easier project for sure.

Due to my budget (yay being a student without a steady job!), I'm probably going to go with "close" items.
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I believe that a lot of Hermione's stuff over the years has been off the rack stuff from GAP, so you might want to check there. Last summer my wife got off the couch in the middle of watching POA, went over to the closet and came back with Hermione's pink corderoy blazer that she just happen to buy at GAP outlet when POA was filming years before. Very glad she didn't decide to get rid of it at a garage sale before we figured it out!
Yeah, for the "casual" wear, my understanding is that they often used to get off the peg stuff as a base. However, I think they then mod most of the costumes - sometimes just dying things, but I wouldn't be surprised if they do things like add / remove pockets, etc to fit in with what would suit the character.

The closest I've been able to find so far is this:
Quiksilver Waterman Falls Lake Men's Corduroy Jacket in Espresso - Surf, Skate and Snowboard Clothing, Skate Shoes, Sunglasses, Board shorts and More

It's hard to tell if it's ribbed enough from that pic so you may need to investigate more. If it is, then it's probably about 80% there. You'd just need to dye it.

The pockets and collar line are different (can't see the sleeves), but some of the detailing (i.e the horizonal bit above the pocket) matches. It may be mod-able, but I'm not sure.

I'll let you know if I find something closer.
Oh, that one looks great! Though I haven't had great luck in the past with dying. Would it even be possible to get a black jacket beige?
It should be, although you may need to try going way lighter first, and then re-dying... or you may need to bleach the colour out
oh, nice find! Funnily enough, I found a Patagonia one yesterday but it was a different version which needed too much modding.

Grab it! lol
You could check the website called 'coolspotters'. There you can find the original clothes of f.e. Hermione. They took all of her DH wardrobe from Zara, H&M... :)

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