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New to the site and to searching for screen accurate costumes and props! Was hoping anyone could give me direction in regards to finding threads or information regarding Harry's screen accurate costumes. Specifically those out of uniform as I have the Hogwarts uniform so like I'm looking more for the Quidditch uniforms, Deathly Hallows outfits, or really any of his casual wear!
Hi there, I don't know much about Harry's casual wear other than that people usually identify items they want and find them on ebay. As for items being sold however, Lochaven makes many screen accurate clothing items, including the qudditch sweater, gloves, sorting tie, uniform sweaters etc. Cinemareplicas also sells quidditch robes (only in Gryffindor and Slytherin) but I'm not sure how good they are. You can also find the triwizard tournament t-shirt that Harry & Cedric wear from the HP shop or in the studio tour shop. Hope this helps a little. Good luck and let us know if you find anything :)
I'm also interested in Harry's casual clothing. I believe that the track jacket he wears from 3-8 were different colored versions of Fred Perry Vintage Tape Striped Track Jackets with the label taken off.
I'm actually considering going to magnoli clothiers to make harry's outfit from deathly hallows part 2
The outer jacket was a Debenhams natural corduroy jacket, sometimes referred to as their Maine, New England Westpoint. Snooping around eBay would probably be cheaper, but Magnoli would definitely make a good replica.
Does anyone have some recommendations for the uniform shirt and pants/skirts? museum replicas had licensed replicas for sale years ago but sadly are discontinued

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