Functional Pip-boy 3000 Mk IV from Fallout 4


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Well I am not using a Pi 3 (stock), there is simply no room inside for that. I will be using a Compute Module 3. Which is a Pi board in the form factor of a SODIMM. This is for both space, and DSI display driver reasons. The regular Pi doesn't expose enough DSI pins.

The Pi 4 Seems to just be a further evolution towards the Pi being a low cost computer. People use it for embedded apps that any Arduino or MSP430 could do, only because it is so darn cheap, or they are already comfortable with the programming.

Since I have already been working on the MSP430 so much for the Dosimeter, I may stick with it for all the control aspects of the Pip-Boy, and use the Pi just for the display and audio. That way if I end up horrible failing at learning how to write a DSI driver, I can fall back on other methods.