Flashgun Lightsabers


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So I recently acquired two vintage flashguns (a Heiland 3-cell and Walz 2-cell) that I intend on making lighsabers out of. Does anyone have any advice or experience making lightsabers out of flashguns? I haven't actually been able to find too much online. Thanks in advance!


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Search up the custom lightsaber thread. Years worth of ideas. Given the standard size of d cell camera flashes, any third party parts sold by the lightsaber community have good odds of being adaptable.


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This was my very first lightsaber build. It's not accurate, kinda sloppy (I still love it though), but it was my first time building. It's built on a Heiland, with Roys first shroud, wires, & t-tracks. The clamp & bubble strip are TCSS.
I'm not familiar with the Walz, but you can definitely have fun with the Heiland. Post photos when you've finished your builds, & have fun (y)
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