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  1. OldBenKNBI

    Ahsoka Sabers Crystal chamber

    So this weekend I’ve been playing around with possible Kyber Crystal Chambers for either a display only set, or the working set. Making a couple of Crystals too which will be cast in clear epoxy resin with an LED inside and I’m tempted to somehow make them look like they’ve been brought back...
  2. OldBenKNBI

    Ahsoka's "Fulcrum" Blades build

    Hey everyone This is my very first post so please be nice haha. I have been asked by a friend to make the Ahsoka Fulcrum (Rebels/Mandalorian) Blades so wanted to share the process and my ideas so far with you. Hope you like Designs were made on fusion 360, based on references from the...
  3. AstroZopyros

    7 Chambers "The Old Republic" Sith Acolyte Hilt

    Thanks to 7 Chambers, one of my dream hilts has finally come to be made. This rendition is beautifully machined from aluminum, and is truly an awesome and accurate rendition of a Sith Acolyte Hilt. I believe I was the first to purchase this awesome beast of a hilt from him! ( Also I know Vaders...
  4. 13doctorwho

    The Jason's Light Up Original Lightsaber

    I really wanted to make a custom saber for myself that lights up. I decided to go simple this time. This lightsaber has three high brightness LEDs for lighting. In future I want to buy a kit and make a neopixel, but this isn't bad for now. I want the blade to be very secure so it is not...
  5. T

    RoS Leia Lightsaber

    Many of you have probably already seen Valor / Verity Cosplay and Psych0ticmisfit takes on Leia's lightsaber. I also had posted my take in the "New ROS Prop image" thread. Like the others, I have been slowly refining and remodelling with the limited images we have. My first effort was a useful...
  6. C

    Flashgun Lightsabers

    So I recently acquired two vintage flashguns (a Heiland 3-cell and Walz 2-cell) that I intend on making lighsabers out of. Does anyone have any advice or experience making lightsabers out of flashguns? I haven't actually been able to find too much online. Thanks in advance!

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