1. retrogamer7200

    Want to Buy Canon Model X or Y body or clamp

    Hello. I am interested in purchasing a Canon Model X/Y full flash body or if you just have the clamp that's fine too. I have always liked how it looked, and want to add one to my collection. I am located in the US. Thank you for your consideration
  2. IronDestinyProps

    Done FOUND: Vintage Heiland Multi-Socket Flash Extension

    Do any of you fine folks have one of these for sale? Many thanks! (Image credit unknown):
  3. C

    Flashgun Lightsabers

    So I recently acquired two vintage flashguns (a Heiland 3-cell and Walz 2-cell) that I intend on making lighsabers out of. Does anyone have any advice or experience making lightsabers out of flashguns? I haven't actually been able to find too much online. Thanks in advance!