Face Off - Season 9


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Face Off starts tonight. This snuck up on me again. If I hadn't checked my recordings for the night, I wouldn't have known it was starting again.


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I have a few friends on this season so I can't wait to see it. First one I'll watch since season 2. :lol

I'd be at a premier party if I didn't have such a bad stomach bug! Bleh! :(


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Well, we're still about 15 minutes from the end, and I'm rather annoyed with SyFy. I don't know names yet, but from their "come-back moment" commercial, I know that
the heavy-set gal with the dyed red hair
doesn't go home, because they showed clips of them in further challenges.


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Loved (some of) the makeups this week. Called
winning, that was really an amazing makeup.

Surprised, though, that they
didn't show who's going home
this week. I assume
it'll be at the start of next episode

Did also disagree with some of the bottom looks. I thought the
makeup was horrible, and couldn't believe it wasn't there. I also had issues with the
wood and water(?)
makeup. Yes, it looked gorgeous, but
I don't see how it fit the "macabre" theme at all, it was more dryad-esque fantasy
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