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Hello there!

Through the series 'the Manalorian' and the ongoing pandemic, I got the chance to make a Mandalorian myself with suitable equipment and armor. Since I have no talent for building a helmet, the Hasbro prototype helmet serves as a basis for me. A little paint and modifications, done. For armor I started with the patterns from Ryzer117, slightly modified and painted. For the forearms I use the rocket launcher and the flamethrower from Disney, which are still being modified. Thighs get a little Beskar, well, actually they are thigh plates from the Middle Ages, but they look very nice. As a weapon I took the Westar 34 Blaster, painted it and added a few highlights. Since I don't really like the Jango / Boba Fett jetpack, it's way too bulky and too playful, I decided to use the Super Commandos jetpack. Also here slightly modified and without armament, because a Mandalorian is probably enough weapon.
The pictures show my first results, my wife just looked better in the armour and I could have a better look at it :)
In the next weeks, I wll try to do some deeper description on how I made each part and what challenges accured to me. Most of the stuff you see here is made from EVA foam or cardbord.


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