diy build

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  1. Thaxton12

    Mk2 Ironman prototype

    Due to personal reasons, and a different direction in life I want to focus on, I will be letting a few things go. One of which is this Mk2 prototype suit. First off….. THIS SUIT STILL NEEDS WORK!!! I’ve been working on it for almost 2 years. Started off with some early designs, before jumping...
  2. CT 1A11A

    DIY build a Mandalorian

    Hello there! Through the series 'the Manalorian' and the ongoing pandemic, I got the chance to make a Mandalorian myself with suitable equipment and armor. Since I have no talent for building a helmet, the Hasbro prototype helmet serves as a basis for me. A little paint and modifications, done...
  3. I

    Possible? "Indestructible-ish styrofoam marquee letters

    I hope I'm posting this in the right forum! I'm hoping to make large art deco marquee letters with light bulbs for a blade sign, similar to what you would have seen in the 20s and 30s on the exterior of a cafe or diner (e.g. "Eat here!" with an arrow pointing to the entrance). I do want to use...
  4. BastianEstrella

    Looking for lightsaber electronics kits

    Hello, everyone. I´m currently looking for some electronic kits to build a couple of lightsabers for me and my sith girlfriend, does anyone know where I can get some reasonalbly priced ones delivered to the outer rim (Mexico)? or somewhere I can find a comprehensive guide to build some myself...
  5. AllyBP

    Arrowverse cosplay

    Hi guys. I'm always making DIY videos about my cosplays, specially the Arrowverse ones, and I posted some on my Instagram. Here are the links of it, showing what fabrics and materials I used and how I did them: (I'm from Brazil but it has english subs) Supergirl season 5 suit (I'll make a new...
  6. mechx

    Limited Run Gungi Lightsaber Hilt (The Yungling) - By Jawas Junkyard

    Hello, For those who don't know me, I'm Jawas Junkyard. You can check me out and the previous lightsaber hilts I've done at my Facebook page: Please see a hilt I'm very proud of. It is a mix of CNC machined maple wood, and T6 aluminium. The Yungling...
  7. Lifeline Heirloom Shock Stick Apex Legends DIY..

    Lifeline Heirloom Shock Stick Apex Legends DIY..

    Read Description. In today's video we are going to make #Lifeline heirloom #shockstick from #apexlegends. This prop is way easy to make and it takes only a c...
  8. Sigfrid84

    Looking for Stormtrooper Helmet files

    I'm building a Stormtrooper helmet from the first movie, does anyone have a prepakura or a 3D file that I can use. if it wouldn't be too much to ask.
  9. Lifeline Shock Sticks Apex Legends (Blender Tutorial)

    Lifeline Shock Sticks Apex Legends (Blender Tutorial)

    in today's video we are going to make #Lifeline #shockstick heirloom from #apexlegends in blender its completely easy to make. so lets do it. soon i'll make ...
  10. TheRamenGod

    40k SpaceMarine Creation

    I am making a space marine cosplay (to scale), and it will be awesome! This is the first time I have ever created anything cosplay, and anything with foam. I am using stuff from Gary Sterley's 40k Space Marine: Gary Sterley's 40k Space Marine and from Henrik Pilerud's fanmade Blood Angel Space...
  11. DaBuild

    T-Virus Canister Resident Evil

    Hello! Here's my prop replica of the T-Virus canister from Resident Evil. (Yep, it was mostly an excuse to use my lathe, I know...) Enjoy!
  12. R

    Dead space plasma cutter

    Hello, I am hoping someone can really help me out or at least point me in the right direction. I am trying to make a plasma cutter from the dead space game series. I would like to make it light up like it does in the video game, I have a few ideas in mind, but I have never worked with lasers...
  13. BobbyFromBUF

    Stormbreaker with Bottle Opener (Infinity War/Endgame)

    Hello RPF! Long time, no see! I'm back with a new build tutorial! I have decided to build a fun new cosplay from Avengers Endgame - #ThiccThor ! Below is picture of me from Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. I had an awesome time and thought I would put together a build tutorial on how I made...

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