mandalorian armor

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  1. krispikarim

    Interest Bo Katan Armor Kit (Live Action)

    Wanted to gauge interest in a run of live action Bo Katan armor from The Mandalorian. The armor would be cast fiberglass and include the helmet, armor and jetpack for an estimated $600+ shipping, may also offer fully painted sets if there is any interest.
  2. Jake Kassnoff

    Mandalorian Gauntlets

    Just some custom gauntlets:

    Starting Beskar Mandalorian Armor and "The Child" Prop (Pic Heavy)

    So I've started work on this build, I already printed one full helmet but I am currently reprinting a new one as I found a better file and decided it was worth remaking. I have also started to sculpt a baby yoda head out of monster clay that I intend to turn into a full prop to accompany my...
  4. dannylopuz

    Mando Mandalorian undersuit/bodysuit fabric parts

    Hi guys! I'm designing the Mandalorian undersuit, the parts made out of pure fabric. I've been doing a LOT of research on it and I now have a very basic sketch, and more info or pics are welcome! I'll be posting here every step of the way until we get a final prototype and can start taking...
  5. P

    The Mandalorian - Unnamed Armorer reference and discussion

    Setting up a place to discuss the armor and props for the Armorer Very neat build- Horns, fur, and hammers!
  6. indianajohn

    My Mandalorian Build

    I am about to start the process of building my very own Mandalorian armor. This is going to be a mishmash and not anything near the Mandalorian Mercs level of authenticity or specificity, but that doesn't bother me. This is my first build on the RPF and my second full costume, and I wanted to...
  7. CallsignFallout

    Mandalorian Armor Build

    Ok so I’m new to this specific part of the forum. I know there are some 501st guys here maybe even mandalorian mercs andnothers I could possibly get tips from, anyways I’m building mandalorian armor for the next comic con in my area( hopefully they won’t skip out this year ). I have painted my...

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